The (Growing) List of CBD Uses A-Z

list of cbd pathways


Alphabetically seems like such an arbitrary way to list the pathways affected by CBD.

Some effects are much more sought after than others.

That being said, it's usually just a question of people not knowing what research is showing yet.

So the alphabet it is!

We'll make a note next to the top 4 most popular pathways (by search) in research of CBD as we come across them.

It has to be based on NIH level research or we're not going there.

There's enough hype, spin, and marketing as it is.  

One note...this is not medical advice nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


We are only looking at how CBD affects specific pathways found in NIH research around issues that share those pathways.  

Here's the running list of CBD research by pathway (# indicates search activity volume):

  • CBD and the pathway of Addiction
  • CBD and the pathway ofAllergies and Histamines
  • CBD and the pathway of Anxiety (#1!)
  • CBD and the pathway of Arthritis
  • CBD and the pathway ofAutoimmune Disease and the Immune System
  • CBD and the pathway of Cancer (#4)
  • CBD and the pathway of Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • CBD and the pathway of Depression
  • CBD and the pathway of Diabetes
  • CBD and the pathway of Gut Issues
  • CBD and the pathway of Inflammation
  • CBD and the pathway of Mitochondria
  • CBD and the pathway of Pain (#2)
  • CBD and the pathway of Parkinson's
  • CBD and the pathway of Perimenopause and Menopause
  • CBD and the pathway of Psoriasis
  • CBD and the pathway of Psychosis and Schizophrenia
  • CBD and the pathway of PTSD
  • CBD and the pathways for Seniors
  • CBD and the pathway of Sleep (#3)
  • CBD and the pathway for Women 



Starting with the A's. There are a few of them.

CBD Research and the pathway of Addiction

cbd and addiction

CBD is showing the ability to help offset the chemical brain impulses that cause people to fall back into use.

Most importantly, it unwinds a drug's ability to limit rewiring and relearning (very fascinating) which makes addiction so hard to get past.


does cbd help with addiction


It's personal for us with research on how I used CBD to wean off benzos and how I used CBD to wean off SSRI's.

NAC is also interesting here as well.  

Learn all about what's really going on with CBD's help above.

CBD Research and the Pathway of Allergies and Histamines

cbd and histamine

This is huge and most people don't realize they are suffering and can get help.

CBD directly calms the histamine response that causes allergic reactions.


does cbd calm histamine


The type of CBD you take can greatly affect your histamine response!

Check out CBD isolate versus full spectrum for allergies and histamine.

Find out how it balances this part of the immune response above.

CBD Research on Pathway Anxiety (#1!)

cbd and anxiety guide

CBD has been shown to help balance the neurotransmitters at the heart of anxiety.

GABA, Cortisol, (even Histamine above) are all in a delicate balance.


Learn how CBD is showing direct effects on the pathway of anxiety in the brain above.


does cbd help with anxiety


CBD Research on Pathway of Arthritis

Arthritis is a form of autoimmune disease where the immune system is attacking the joints.

CBD has shown remarkable results in calming the immune response and lessening pain.


This also has big implications on the larger picture which is an autoimmune response.

Learn all about CBD and inflammation here.

Arthritis is just one aspect of that bigger issue.  Learn more above.

CBD Research on Autoimmune Disease and the Immune System

This may be the crux of most of our modern diseases.

The immune system is going haywire.

Whether it's diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis...even dementia or Parkinson's!!

Learn how CBD helps to balance this system and its attack on our own tissue above.

CBD Research on Pathway of Cancer    (#5)

CBD is showing anti-tumorigenic qualities.

It boosts the system that governs cells growth and death in the body!

It also helps the system that removes toxins and cellular waste products from the body.

It's one of the few antioxidants which may be used with chemotherapy in many cases.


We have a massive review of CBD and Turkey Tail for cancer.

Learn more above.

CBD Research on Pathway for Dementia and Alzheimer's    

Fascinating new research at the heart of brain inflammation and immune response shed light on how CBD may help here.

Find out why both issues bare the marks of autoimmune disease based on new research.

That's right in CBD's wheelhouse.

The CBD and neuroinflammation review is required reading.

CBD Research on Pathway of Depression  

Like anxiety, CBD helps the system which balances neurotransmitters.


does cbd help with depression



5HTP (Serotonin) pathways and more have been directly affected by CBD in research.


Check out CBD and serotonin here.  


Learn all about it above.

CBD Research on Pathway of Gut Issues

cbd and gut inflammation

All signs point to the gut!

Look at the new headlines.  They're still about 5-10 years behind the research but it's starting to show.


Our gut bacteria act almost as a separate organ down there.

Most of your serotonin is made in the gut!

For example, is a great read.

does cbd help with the gut

Find out how CBD helps this entire system flourish.

CBD Research on Pathway of Inflammation    (should be #1!!)

Chronic or misapplied inflammation might be the root of every major health issue.

It's also the direct result of how our environment has changed over the last 40 years.


CBD is a powerful mediator of excess inflammation in all its forms.

Skin.  Brain. Gut.  You name it. Find out more above.

CBD Research on Pathways of Mitochondria

You may not remember this from high school biology but you're about to be re-introduced to it.

Mitochondria may be at the heart of proper body and brain function.


Not to mention longevity.

Learn how CBD is boosting this system and our own internal system to remove bad parts and cells.

It's as close to the fountain of youth as we get now.

Also, learn how THC and CBD have opposite effects on mitochondria here.

CBD Research on Pathways of Pain    (#2)

cbd and pain

Not only is CBD shown to directly reduce pain in the body from research, but it works to address some of the key drivers of that pain.

Inflammation.  Autoimmune attack.  Hormone imbalance.

Find out how CBD works for pain in the body above.

Something dear to my heart, learn about CBD and perimenopausal pain.

CBD Research on Pathways of Parkinson's    

New information on Parkinson's is pointing towards an autoimmune aspect of the disease.

CBD is showing powerful benefits for immune response balancing.

It goes deeper than that.

CBD is showing the ability to help grow new brain neurons.  Neurogenesis!

That's the holy grail for adults.

CBD Research on Pathways Perimenopause and Menopause

CBD bolsters the system that aims to balance our endocrine system (hormones).

Perimenopause is a period of intense flux in this system so any balance we get, the better!


Learn how CBD addresses some of the key symptoms and issues associated with this transition.

Start at our perimenopause versus menopause page.  It's essential!

CBD Research on Pathways of Psoriasis

Our immune system goes haywire in many different ways.

When it shows up in the skin, that can be psoriasis.

CBD is showing great promise in calming this immune response but also addressing the cell proliferation in the skin itself.


All with a high safety profile compared to what's being prescribed currently.

CBD Research on Pathways of Psychosis and Schizophrenia

This might be the most exciting on the list.

CBD is showing the ability on MRI's to balance key areas of the brain that are directly tied to psychosis.

It may be that people with this propensity would smoke cannabis just to get the effects of CBD!

Learn all about the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory abilities of CBD in the brain above.

CBD Research on Pathways of PTSD

Important new research is pointing to CBD's ability to help people with PTSD.

Aside from the existing effects for sleep, anxiety, and depression, CBD is shown to help the brain "forget" negative memories.


It also spurs neurogenesis or the growth of new brain pathways.

Learn more about CBD's benefits for PTSD above.

We go deep into the subject!

CBD Research on Pathways for Seniors

It's a laundry list of benefits that CBD offers.

Many of the systems that work less efficiently as we get older are at play and the resulting symptoms are somewhere on this list: 

  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Hormone shifts
  • Mitochondria
  • Autoimmune


Learn how CBD helps seniors work to stop or turn back the clock.

For example, CBD and elderly anxiety.

CBD Research on Pathways of Sleep (#3)

cbd and sleep guide

One of the top 3 reasons people use it, CBD is showing great promise for helping people sleep longer and better.

It's not just about reducing anxiety and pain (both which hurt sleep quality).

It goes to the hormones that directly govern sleep and our cycle in the body.

Learn how CBD benefits good sleep above.

CBD Research for Women

Finally, do we get a break!

Women are much more susceptible to the environmental toxins that surround us.

We have much-complicated systems that need to be finely tuned to feel our best.

Just check out how powerful estradiol (our main estrogen) is here.

CBD is shown to help balance the immune response, hormone balance, and - Neurotransmitters.

Guys benefit. We benefit MORE!

CBD Research on Skin

Yes, CBD is showing benefits for the diseases of skin (acne, psoriasis, hives, etc) but it goes deeper than that.


Learn how cellular inflammation and growth/death cycles are directly impacted by CBD.

The CBD List of Research is Growing!

It's growing by the day and there are lots not on here yet.

We'll keep adding to the CBD research as new research comes in.

We want real solid research (NIH level stuff) behind anything we share.

Let us know below what you're using CBD for.

Search across our 100's of deep dives here:

cbd research


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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