Why Women Get More Out of CBD

Why Women Get More Out of CBD


We're used to doing 80% of the work but now we have to take on 80% of the health burden from our messed-up, modern life?


Bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, AND get Psoriasis??


They left that last part out of the jingle. Sales would have suffered.


Just look at some of the numbers in terms of issues that CBD has shown promise with: 

  • 80% of autoimmune diagnosis are for women
  • The ratio for Hashimoto's disease (thyroid) is actually 50:1 for women.


Ladies don't really want to be winning that race.


Most of them over age 40!


Now throw into this mix the much more complicated hormone chemistry of women.


They drop by 80% by age 50 for many women.


Progesterone. 3 different kinds of Estrogen (yes...3 and that's soooo important).


And Testosterone???


The combination of immune response (and it's resulting inflammation, pain, autoimmune, and more) with hormone imbalance is wreaking havoc on women.


That's why CBD is such a perfect fit for women.


Don't take our word for it...let's look at the research.


We'll look at key areas:

  • Women's bodies are under attack
  • Women's immune systems and CBD
  • Women's hormone balancing and CBD


Women's bodies are under attack


First, let's understand why women's body and brains are under attack.


By age 65, women have a 1 in 6 chance of getting Alzheimer's. Men have a 1 in 11 chance.


The difference in that ratio...77%


Let's round up to 80!


This is by age 65 so it takes into account women living longer.




No offense but if this was happening to men at the same clip, it would be front page, mission to the moon type of stuff.


We're going to look below at how CBD can help rectify this discrepancy but it's important to understand why women's bodies and minds are so vulnerable to the modern world.


We are all swimming a sea of chemistry.


Down to our youngest members:

EWG found up to 287 industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in 10 newborn babies, measured in umbilical cord blood collected at the moment of birth.



Add to that fire retardant in breast milk.


Now surround a woman's body with hormone mimickers and disruptor:

  • Plastics like BPA
  • Make-up, skin care and beauty products


So that makes a complete mess of a woman's hormones.


How can we finish off her immune system and response?


Oh that's easy.


Let's add preservatives, artificial colors and flavors to her food which mess us her gut biome (the ESSENTIAL bacteria in our digestive tract).


Just for good measure, we'll pile on antibiotics in her food and even as medicine.




Welcome to anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, dementia, diabetes, and a general state of nasty.


"Yah come back, ya hear!"


Don't get us started on perimenopause and it's oncoming bus of fun for more and more women these days.


No Thank you.


Let's look at what we can do since it appears we have to look out for each other.


How does CBD help with this undue burden of our modern world on women's bodies?


Let's start with your stomach.

Women's immune systems and CBD

So much of our health starts in the gut.

  • That skin issue? Starts in the gut.
  • The mood problems? Gut.
  • Dementia? Gut.


Arthritis pain in your thumbs?


Well, that's in your thumbs, silly.


Just kidding….the root cause is in your gut.


If you're not actively studying this stuff (because you have a life), here's what the last 10 years of research is telling us:

The gut and equally, the gut bacteria or biome, is the crux for most of our modern diseases.


That's a bold statement.


But it's true.


Turn on the TV and try to make yourself watch the ads.


Good chance it's a new fancy prescription with "ub" on the end of it.


That's autoimmune.


It's where the body's immune system is attacking some part of the body.


You name the body part and there's a disease for the immune system locking sights on it.


All our "modern" diseases:

  • IBS, GERD, Crohn's, Colitis
  • Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
  • Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne
  • Diabetes, Hashimoto's, etc


It's goes on and on and on.


Most have seen a dramatic increase in just the last few decades.


Hmmm.. Interesting….


80% of the new diagnosis are women.


Think about that.


Women are literally under attack!


What can we do.


Well, you'll probably be prescribed a nasty immune suppressor with a litany of wonderful potential side effects.


Of course, work with your doctor but here's what research is showing for CBD.


CBD works with our own endocannabinoid system.

This system may be the chink in a women's armor against the chemical soup we're swimming in.


This system is tasked with balancing our immune response.


There's already a great deal of research on this:

As we briefly mentioned above, ECS is generally considered to be one of the “gate-keepers” of the immune system, preventing the onset of pathological immune responses


Light bulb moment.


The immune system is overworked, undermined, and just plain going haywire.


CBD is showing great promise here to calm this system.


The weapon of choice for our immune system is inflammation.


It has an arsenal of different actors:

  • Cytokines
  • Macrophages
  • Histamines
  • T Cells
  • B Cells
  • Spinner Tops


The last one we made up but many more are in the fray.


CBD is showing promise to calm this response and affect the underlying issue.


For example, an example of CBD calming the T cell response and positively affecting MS symptoms.



This is one of a dozen different examples.


You can read more at CBD for autoimmune here.


Excessive inflammation itself is implicated in both health issues and general wellness (skin, hair, sleep, etc).




You know how every product geared towards women talks about antioxidants?


Vitamin A and E all over skin products for this very reason.


Turns out that CBD is a much more powerful antioxidant than either E or A!!


Ladies, inflammation (outside of sickness or injury) is our #1 enemy.


CBD is a powerful mediator of this response to our modern world.



Look...in addition, we need to help our gut health:

  • Avoid food with preservatives (single word foods only!)
  • Avoid excessive antibiotics
  • Avoid chemicals that hurt the gut lining (NSAID's, alcohol, etc)
  • Eat lots of prebiotics (vegetables primarily!!)


Go get some Pho!!


But there's more (and no, we're not going to add a second set of steak knives!)...



Women's hormone balancing and CBD

This may be the biggest driver of the 80/20 rule for women with CBD.


Men are inundated by the same chemicals in our modern world.

The problem is that many of those chemicals affect hormones.


Hormones are even used in our food supply!


We all know just how delicate a dance our monthly cycles can be.


We're just a heck more complicated than men!


For good reason or course...that whole continuation of the species thing.


The issue is that your make-up is probably disrupting your hormones.


The food (if not organic) is as well especially if processed.


Don't get us started on that skin cream you lather on.


Coconut oil is super cheap and effective by the way!!


Check out the "side effects" of not having enough Progesterone and Estrogen here:



Okay...okay...they're important!


Guess what system is tasked with balancing the endocrine (where hormones are created) system?


You guessed it….the Endocannabinoid system!


CBD is showing great promise in the research here as well.


You mainly see it in the effects on issues that hormones help to govern:

  • Weight, energy, sugar use, and hunger
  • Sleep, mood, and focus
  • Monthly cycle pain, discomfort, and balancing


These might be a tad bit important to you getting through your day without throwing a shoe at someone!


Let's take a quick look at something close to our heart. Sleep!

A trial of cannabidiol oil resulted in a maintained decrease in anxiety and a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patient's sleep.



Yes, Please!


A great indication of just how powerful hormones can be is when the drop off during perimenopause.


The "results" can be debilitating!


CBD is showing great promise in the research for the range of symptoms that accompany this drop.


If our monthly cycles cause issues, perimenopause is a "super-cycle" which can magnify these same changes.


Check out CBD and perimenopause for research on how it's working with hormonal changes.



We'll leave you with this…

Time to Ditch the 80/20 Rule for Women

We're a little upset.


There are SO many women suffering and the only response at the doctor's office seems to be an anti-depressant and a slew of other medications.


Where's the research?


Half our population is being wholloped and we're still waiting.


Our goal is to help women understand the role CBD might have in balancing their systems.


We learned the hard way through perimenopause and that story is here.


We can't change the fire retardant in our blood but maybe we can:

  • bolster our body's ability to deal with toxins
  • calm the immune system from attacking us
  • help to balance our sophisticated hormone profile.


Or maybe we can just get some better sleep and reduce anxiety.


We'll take that as well!


We want to make you happy.


In that aim, we crafted Indigo Naturals pure CBD isolate to be 3rd party tested, affordable, and very clean (since women are more prone to histamine issues).


Designed by her. For her.


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