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CBD 101 - What is CBD?

Let's get past the headlines (and into research...a million+ words of it).  What exactly is CBD and how does it work in the body? 

Newer research is pointing to fascinating effects within multiple pathways across the body and brain. 

CBD's greatest trick may be  how it interacts with our own Endocannabinoid System...a master of balancing acts for neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune response. 

It's second greatest trick is what it doesn't do (push only in one direction).   Get up to speed below!

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Best Sellers - Hemp CBD Oil

Indigo Naturals focuses on CBD isolate derived from organically grown hemp by FDA registered farms in the US. Just two ingredients in our oil : CBD Isolate and MCT Oil (coconut extract). Zero THC by design.

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What they say about us..

I was in a supermarket and just staring at a box of waffle mix.  Totally spacing out. Foggy headed all the time. I use your CBD in the morning and my head feels so much clearer.  I wish you had a higher level of CBD so I didn't need so much oil. It can be a bit much. Hurry up with that!! :)

Leslie M.

Okay...my allergies are a ticking time bomb!  I'll never forget when I first tried your CBD.  My head freakin opened up! This is after trying other CBD which make my skin crawl.  Thank you for thinking of us!

Jan Y.

So I go into the doctor after years of playing bball.  Aside from tendon sprains, arthritis, and more...I've got a chip of the Talus bone which broke off!  I can literally feel it on the side! I'll have to get that fixed but when I put on your CBD balm, it takes away the pain for most of the day.  Can it remove a bone chip??

Brad J.

Around 2pm, I just feel someone pulled the rug out from under me.  I can only hit caffeine so many times before I get frazzled. I'll usally take the CBD (about 50mg) right after lunch (thanks for that article) and I don't feel like I was hit over the head.  Problem is that I have to work now but oh well :)


Both me and my daughter deal with anxiety.  I love how your CBD is making me feel!! Can I give it to my daughter who's in college?  Just not sure on younger people. Don't want to get her in trouble but she needs something.

Diana F.

I can't say thanks enough.  I was waking up at night with shots of energy.  I started to dread sleep time, my bed, and even my bedroom.  I now take your CBD about 30 minutes before going to sleep and everything has calmed way down.  My energy was really suffering during the day. Thanks for giving my nights back to me.

Jennifer L.

I have to speak quite a bit in a my job...meetings, staff, etc.  I hate it! I used to get so nervous every time! Coming out of my skin nervous.  When I know that I have something coming up where I'm going to be in front of people, I'll usually take a full dropper of your CBD to take the edge off. It's worked like a miracle.  I also use it before dinner parties or going out with people. I guess I have some social anxiety. I'm happy I found you!

Michael A.
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The Indigo Naturals CBD Difference

Indigo Naturals guarantees our quality and potency through third party lab testing (see product pages or top link on ANY page).

Our CBD Oil Tinctures are made of Pure CBD Isolate. We use the CO2 extraction method and our hemp is organically grown in the US at FDA registered farms and are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, bacteria, and mold.

Verified levels of actual CBD is essential since so many brands are coming up short in spot checks.

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CBD Research Center

Blog indeed!
  We have over 1 million+ words across hundreds of detailed reviews based on dozens of NIH studies.  

CBD & the Woman without Pain or Anxiety!

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Perimenopause, CBD, Hormones, and Recovery

Please...learn from my mistakes and avoid the suffering that can be perimenopause.  You'd be surprised how many women are in the same boat.

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CBD Quick Start Guide

There are many questions when you are new to CBD and we want to help you get the answers.  We have put together a list of the most asked questions around CBD.

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How to Take CBD Oil

The Fountain of Youth May Be Filled with CBD!

Let's look at how CBD impacts all the new discoveries on what causes aging and more importantly, how can we slow it down or even REVERSE it.

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People with true histamine issues know that it can feel like acute anxiety in the body.  There are significant impacts on mood that result from histamine issues.

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Should CBD Be Taken Daily?

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