Ways to Save on CBD

how can i save on cbd

Three Easy Ways to Save up to 20% Off our New LOWER Pricing


New research is pointing to 300 mg/day as the peak dosage for neurogenesis, the process of brain repair so critical to mental health and addiction. 

This quickly becomes expensive!

We already price our 6000 mg bottle at 2-3 cents per mg of CBD - the lowest price we can find for legitimate CBD with 3rd party testing (top of any page) and verified levels.  


Since we found CBD as a result of trauma and suffering, we want to go further.



subscribe and save on cbd


Set up a subscription and save 10% right away and ongoing!

You can change or cancel (or restart!) a subscription anytime!  You'll have access to your account via the account icon at top of any page or just reach out to us via message button or support@indigonaturals.net  

It's easy to setup...when making a purchase, just click on the subscription box: 

save when you subscribe on cbd

That's it.  10% off your favorite CBD. 

  • No hassles
  • No contracts
  • No requirements


Cancel any time...even when you receive email for next order.


Let's see if we can one-up that option.




When you refer a friend to Indigo Naturals CBD, they will receive 20% off their first order and you will receive 20% off your next order. 

Tell a Friend Here


This option is part of how we're able to offer high quality CBD at lower cost per mg of CBD.  We can't advertise CBD so you're the only way to get the word out!  

If CBD has benefited you (the way it did with us), help us get the word out!  It's important that people find their way back to health (see our story here). 


It's PERSONAL for us!

3. Leave a Review

review cbd and save


Leave a review on a product page or on Google here

You will receive a 20% off promo code generally within 48 hours or EACH review.   

Just email us at support@indigonaturals.net  when review is submitted and we'll get the discount code right over to you!

The google option is really important to help get the word out! 

You can get multiple discount codes for multiple reviews (we're not stingy!!)


Again, we were reeling from a traumatic health event when we found CBD so it's really important to us that we make this option as affordable as possible for the best quality product.

There's lots of questionable CBD product out there. 

Our goal is simple:

provide the cleanest, highest-quality USA grown/processed product at the lowest cost (2-3 cents per mg of CBD before discounts above).  PERIOD  


The only way we can really do this is with our awesome customers spreading the word.  Getting back to Health...is a movement! 

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This tincture has really helped with my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome! I can’t take oral meds but am grateful for this to help calm/tame my mast cells

Sophia Husband

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