How Much CBD Should I Take?

how much cbd should i take


This is one of the most important and equally confusing questions people have on CBD.


Exactly how much CBD is right?


Maybe even more importantly, how do you figure out the whole dropper thing?


Just to make things fun, everyone seems to have their own way to deliver the CBD via oil.


We've ordered from many brands and the instructions are either confusing or non-existent.


That's right...a bottle of CBD in a bubble wrap package.


No instructions on dosage or how to take.


Good luck to you!!!


Even my computer mouse has instructions.


We first have to figure out how IndigoNaturals oil delivers the CBD.


We'll also look at the basics of the bottle and the dropper as well.


Can we please make this easier to understand!




We'll walk through it step by step.


Here are the basics we'll dive into:

  • Total amount of CBD in the bottle
  • Total amount of CBD in a dropper
  • What research is showing for CBD dosage
  • What CBD dosage to start with
  • What research is showing for CBD dosage


Let's get started.


We have CBD oil to take!

Total amount of CBD in the bottle

This is the first key step.


How much total CBD is in the bottle?

Be careful...there's a lot of CBD in-name-only stuff out there.


They might say 1000 mg in bold letters but are less transparent on mgs of what!


Hemp oil. Phytocannabinoids.  Diols (whatever that is).


There is a very popular and very big brand that clearly lists 1000 mg's on the bottle.


A little further digging and you'll find that it's "hemp oil".


This is a broad stroke of all kinds of different substances.


It actually has 80 mgs of "phytocannabinoids".


They literally can't (or won't) say how much CBD is per dose (capsule).


The CBD might make up 5-10mgs for all we know.

Research is showing that CBD quantity in hemp oil can range from 5-10% depending on what part of the plant it comes from.


Totally misleading.


Hemp oil is fine but the research is for CBD primarily!


SO...we want to know how much total CBD is in the bottle.

If a brand doesn't clearly tell you that, it's probably really bad and you're wasting a great deal of money.


The levels should be reflected by 3rd party testing (ours is available at top of every page).


A bottle should have at least 1000 mg of CBD to be effective.


The standard bottle size is 30 ml or 1 ounce (same thing roughly).


IndigoNaturals comes in 1000, 2000, and 6000 mg bottles of CBD isolate.


That is the total amount of CBD in the bottle.


Our first important tip.

shop and compare isolate cbd online

 Next, the dropper!

Total amount of CBD in a dropper

We're not swigging from the bottle!


We use the dropper for CBD oil. much CBD is in the dropper?


This is pretty easy to figure out.


For a 30 ml (1 ounce) of CBD oil:


Divide the total amount of CBD by 30


The reason is that each dropper generally has 1 ml of liquid.


30 ml total divided by 1 ml = 30.


So...we'll save you from the math for 30ml bottles:

  • 1000mg CBD bottle = approx 33 mg CBD per dropper
  • 2000mg CBD bottle = approx 66 mg CBD per dropper
  • 6000mg CBD bottle = approx 200 mg CBD per dropper


IndigoNaturals can have more CBD in the bottle than the stated amount depending on the batch.


For example, the latest batch of 1000mg bottle actually has 1147 mgs of CBD. 


We want to underpromise and overdeliver!


Now we're getting somewhere.


We know how much CBD is in a full dropper of oil. how much CBD should we take?


Let's start at the beginning!

What CBD dosage to start with?

It's recommended to start slowly and see how your body responds.


Check out the How will CBD make me feel article.


Everyone's chemistry is different.


A typical starting point (to test) is 25-30 mg.


Based on the total bottle size we have:

  • A full dropper of the 1000 mg bottle size
  • A half dropper of the 2000 mg bottle size
  • Less than a ¼ of the 6000 mg bottle size


You can increase from the baseline level pretty quickly if you feel good.


Learn all about the best time to take CBD and our how to take CBD tips.


How and when you take CBD can increase its bioavailability by 4xs!!!


Let's not throw it away.


So...what does research say on how much CBD to take?

What research is showing for CBD dosage

Once we get past the trial phase to see how our body responds, let's look at research.


These are basic guidelines.


There are many aspects that can affect YOUR dosage:

  • Weight
  • Severity of issues you're addressing
  • When you take it
  • State of endocannabinoid system
  • Liver function
  • Age


That being said, here's what is showing up in research

  • 25-50 mg - general wellness
  • 100-160 mg - sleep, pain, anxiety
  • 300-600 mg - more serious issues such as psychosis, autoimmune, parkinson's, and addiction


Again, these were the levels that were tested in actual research that's driving the popularity of CBD.


For example, check out our how much cbd to take for anxiety article.


It goes into how neurogenesis (repairing brain tissue) effects of CBD peak at 300 mg.


cbd and neurogenesis
This process is really key to mental health and addiction.


You can learn all about how CBD works here with reference to these studies.


There has not been a known overdose of CBD which is quite a bit better than Tylenol (leading cause of liver failure in the US).


Not one on record.


Speaking of which, learn all about the interesting connection between CBD and Tylenol here


Which is interesting!


Many people have bad reactions to their first (if not second, third, and on) try with CBD.


This is likely due to histamine responses from full-spectrum CBD which everyone is pushing.


histamine and cbd


That's why we focus on only CBD Isolate and MCT (coconut extract) oil as a base.


We have more detail on how many MG's of CBD to take by issue here.


Most people will start with the 1000 mg to see how it feels on their system.


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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It all works the same…just different form factors. Some people capsules/gummies to take with them and use on the go. The oils are cheaper per mg of CBD and you can hold it under your tongue to boost the amount that gets in. It’s really just a question of ease of use. For example, if someone’s at work or travelling, the capsules might be easier than the oil. Otherwise, oils are the best value!


hello Indigo – I have a great experience with cbd oil 1000 – awesome product- I have also purchased cbd natural gummies 10 mg and just don’t remember what those are good for and cant find on your website any info what those supposed to help with Also Indigo Cbd 50 mg tablets – can you advice – I am sure to looked for cbd for psin and sleep aid. Thank you 🙏

Mila Vrabec

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