How to Save Up to 75% on Your CBD

how to save up to 75% on cbd


I want you to take your new bottle of CBD oil and immediately pour 3/4ths of it into the toilet (if you're a civilized person).

75%. The vast majority.

Pour it right down.

Or you could light 75 dollars on fire and cut out the middle man.


That's right!

It doesn't matter what CBD oil you're taking.

Although we definitely have some opinions on that!

There's plenty of bad, low-level CBD on the market to choose from.

We'll have an Online CBD Checker soon and we'll give you the scoop on your brand.

Get ready to be upset!

A consumer report just came out and it showed major brands that tested for much lower CBD than was listed on the bottle!


Our testing is available at the top of every page!

Back to how we can get more out of whatever CBD we have.

It comes from a little trick in how the body processes CBD.

Stick with us because CBD is expensive.

The last thing we want to do is throw 75% of it down the toilet (literally).

Let's get to it but first a little housekeeping.

Within your body!

How CBD oil is metabolized

Anytime we eat or drink something, different parts of our body have to break it up into pieces that the body can actually use.

The heavy lifting of this resides in the liver.

Fat. Alcohol. Many medications.  More than 60% of them in fact.

All broken down by the liver.

In fact, there's a specific pathway called the P450 pathway.

This is a major "highway" for incoming chemicals to be broken down and either processed or excreted.


For example, when you drink coffee, the caffeine present acts as a stimulant.


Eventually, that feeling wears off (10 am for me) and here's why.

Your liver is a relentless worker.

Its job is to break down the caffeine and send it out the body.

Same thing with alcohol (hence the liver issues with chronic alcohol consumption).

Lots of things use this P450 pathway.

A whole host of medications. Many common chemicals.


That's soon as you consume CBD oil, the liver is trying to get rid of it.


THC as well for those who consume cannabis.

We can take advantage of this whole process if we understand a key aspect of how the P450 pathway works.

How the liver processes CBD

The liver only has so many hands.

Technically, it has no hands...just enzymes and chemicals.

The point is has a limited supply of activity at any one time.

That's why you're supposed to take your CBD 4 hours away from medications.


This way, it won't interfere with how they are absorbed (or not absorbed).

Two things can happen when the liver is "busy" with other processing.


Some substances need the P450 pathway to actually be "activated".

In this case, it's the "metabolite" or the leftover material from the liver that has an effect.

THC from cannabis is an example.

It's the "metabolite" of processed THC from the liver that creates the "high" feeling.

CBD doesn't have a high feeling by the way.

In fact, the original meaning of the term "entourage effect" speaks to how CBD offsets many of the excesses of THC which builds tolerance longer-term.

is cbd better than thc

Check out our article on How will CBD make me feel here or will CBD make me high?

Other substances need to avoid this pathway as long as possible in order to have an effect.

They're already "activated" and the liver is just going to break them down and toss them out the trash.


CBD falls in this category. 

Let's get to the magic finally.

How to get most CBD into the bloodstream

For CBD to do its work around the body, we need to get the most of it into the bloodstream.

That's why we hold it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds.

There's a gland there call the sublingual (under tongue for our Latin friends) gland that can absorb CBD directly into the blood supply and bypass the gut completely.


This is very direct.

Beyond that, we want to avoid the liver!

How do we do this??

Take CBD after you have eaten.

Preferably, your fattiest meal!

Think of it as a jailbreak.

You want to wait until the guards are distracted or overwhelmed.

A distraction.

In this case, a fatty-food rich distraction.

The liver is going to be so busy processing the fats in the food you ate that much more of the CBD is going to sneak by.

At least for a while.

How much more??

Glad you asked and happier that someone actually studied it.

Researchers found that 4x as much CBD is "bioavailable" when taken AFTER a meal.


Bioavailable just means that it made it through the gauntlet that is our digestive tract (including the final showdown...the liver).


That's crazy.

So if we're taking 100 mgs of CBD before a meal, maybe 25mg actually gets into our system.

The rest of it gets beat up by the liver and is excreted from the body.


If we take it after a meal, preferably a fatty one, we might get much more of the 100mg based on their research.

What a difference in the time we take CBD can make!

There are two ways to look at this.

One… we're paying 4x's the amount of money for whatever desired effect we're after (better sleep or example).


Two...we're getting much less of the effect we're after from the CBD we take!

Either way, a simple shift in when we take CBD can make a huge difference.

how to get more cbd

Why this isn't in every CBD's instructions is beyond us.  Check out our quick start guide for this and much more especially around the research on dosage!

The fact that most CBD ships without any instruction is even more ridiculous.

At IndigoNaturals, we want you to get the full benefit from CBD but maybe more importantly…

We have to be able to afford this option.

Reducing the relative cost by 75% goes a long way towards that.

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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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CBD isolate needs an oil base in order properly be absorbed. Essentially, it keeps the liver busy so that CBD can make it through the so-called “first past” (digestive system essentially). Fats keep the liver busy so that more CBD can get through. Thanks!


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