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indigo naturals third party testing


Third Party Test Results - Transparent , Complete, and....Readily Viewable!


Indigo Naturals aims to be transparent and provide our customers with the information they need to feel confident in their purchases with us.


Our commitment to quality is in every aspect of or production.

No pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals!


We use the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process and never use solvents.


Our production process meets the Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) for cleanliness, traceability and consistency.


We want you to know what your are buying, therefore we are happy to provide third party test results for our products below by individual batch.

indigo naturals CBD isolate guarantee

Our entire families use IndigoNaturals so we actually test twice (at the biomass level and final product).


Each batch of Indigo Naturals CBD oil goes through rigorous testing and following strict hemp production laws.

The Test results are for the final formulation found in each bottle.  Each batch is tested for CBD potency and purity.

If you need help understanding these reports or have questions, please email us at:


Below the actual testing links you'll find a helpful walkthrough the different test sections and how to read them.  This info is very important!

Indigo Naturals 1000mg CBD Isolate Oil - No THC

Indigo Naturals 2000mg CBD Isolate Oil - No THC


Indigo Naturals 500mg CBD Relief Balm


Indigo Naturals 50mg Capsules - No THC

CBD capsules 50mg

Indigo Naturals 10mg CBD Gummy - Orange

CBD gummies


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Indigo Naturals 5mg CBD Isolate Pet Treats

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How To Read the 3rd Party Testing Report

Don't worry...we'll walk through how to read the reports by section.

1.  Batch Number - page 1

cbd batch


This should match the number on your product.  Each batch is tested separately.

2.  Summary Report

cbd testing summary

A nice summary of results from all the component tests on page 1. 

3.  Quantity and Purity of CBD

testing cannabinoid results

This shows the level of various cannabinoids.  First, we focus on CBD isolate for many reasons (below and here).
Zero THC is critical since it builds tolerance longer term and many people have bad responses to it due to histamine!

One note...take the CBD result in mg/g (199.80 in the above example) and multiply by 30 for the full bottle.

For example:
  • 199.80 x 30 = 5994 for the 6000 mg bottle
The CBDV is a different version that's converted into CBD by our liver so that's a bonus that takes us over the 6000 estimate level.

You see THC - "none detected" on the right.

Learn why here:

importance of no thc in cbd

As for the other cannabinoids in full spectrum, learn more here:

is cbd isolate versus full spectrum

4. Heavy Metal Testing 

cbd heavy metal testing

Many CBD brands don't test heavy metal which is crazy to us!

Hemp is a fantastic soil remediator.  The military literally uses hemp to clear fields of old heavy metals!

Our hemp is organically grown at FDA-registered farms in the US but still...we WANT the test!

We test for arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury as the "canary in the coal mine" to make sure the soil and product is clear.  

Again, crazy other brands don't test this!

5. Fungi Testing

cbd fungi test

We're big fans of fungi (see medicinal mushrooms or psilocybin guides)...just not in our CBD!

CBD is actually anti-microbial but just to be safe...we test!

6. Pesticide Report

cbd pesticide report

As we mentioned, the hemp our CBD comes from is organically grown in the US at an FDA-registered farm but you can't get accreditation for hemp in the U.S. 

So we test!

7. Solvent Testing

cbd solvent test

There are two general ways to extract CBD from hemp:
  • heat-based extraction with solvents
  • CO2 cold-extraction (no solvents)
We process with the latter (much cleaner) but just to be guessed it...We test!

8.  Bacteria Test

cbd bacteria test

We mentioned that CBD (and the MCT base) is actually anti-microbial but nothing left to chance.  We test!

This level of testing is what we would require for ourselves and so it's what we put into IndigoNaturals.

Those that know...will appreciate it!
Learn more:

Our quality promise

Is CBD safe

Can you take CBD every day

Can you take CBD long term 


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.


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