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Dosing is always fun. With the 6000mg bottle, 1 full dropper is 200mg. 3/4 is 150mg. 1/2 a dropper is 100mg. 1/4 of a dropper is 50mg. MG matches the research. Sorry for confusion!


The relief balm is the closest to an Icy Hot. Not as a hot but exactly cool :)


I absolutely do not understand your dosing instructions.
We have a 6000mg bottle. It has .25,.5,.75, and 1.0 mL striations on dropper. But your dosage is in mg. Help.

John Mohr

My wife is threatening to divorce. We have been together 22 years. She obviously feels threatened and i gave her “space” and have moved out, even though I am the one that fully supports my family 100% financially. She has had the locks changed, called the police on me, and keeps my two boys from me(15 and 13). I really don’t know how to approach this. I can handle her, but my children aren’t going though the “PERI” abyss. No one, including her own mother and sister will listen to me. They hate me also, btw. I have done so much and given so much to her and her family. They literally say i have the biggest heart, but think i am insane and need to leave them alone. 🤔. The only way, I am able to stay calm is I have strong faith in God, and my mother was Pschizophrenic. Its been a hard life, but it has made me who i am. I get the part in the article, about alcohol btw(oh do i get it)(far far far to much tolerance). Another problem with the alcohol is, an angry liver is an angry mind. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for making this article. Sincerely. I have been researching, but no one has nailed it as you have. I will donate to you and help support your cause, anyway I can. I am an entrepreneur and good at business and making money. If i can help you, please allow me to. This is a major problem and it is happening to so many great people, that truly love each other. It is a sad sad sad thing. Thank God i am intelligent. Most men would have jumped ship and drowned themselves.

Shawn Shive

Do you all make the Indigo Relief Icy – Hot CBD 400MG Natural Muscle Mist?

Darla Syas

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