How Many mg of CBD for Anxiety

how much cbd dosage for anxiety

If you've already read all the research on CBD for anxiety here, the next question is usually a practical one.

How much CBD should I take for anxiety?

More specifically…

How many mg's of CBD works for anxiety?

We'll explain that whole calculation since most of us don't deal in mg (milligrams) of anything on a daily basis.

More importantly, we'll look at what research shows in terms of CBD dosages.

For people new to CBD and anxiety, there's usually a great deal of confusion on how much to take.

There's a very important short term versus long term consideration for CBD dosage with anxiety (more below)


It doesn't help that most people's first introduction to CBD is probably a bad brand with very little actual CBD in the bottle to start with.

Just look at a Reddit board and it's all over the place:

  • CBD bought on Amazon (Amazon won't legally allow CBD sales so that's bogus)
  • CBD with 250 mg listed for the full bottle
  • Bad brands that probably have bad stuff in them
  • Confusing calculations of how much CBD is in a bottle or dropper
  • The whole full spectrum issue (histamine!!)


We'll look at how to avoid all these.

First, what does research show in terms of number of mg's for CBD?

What does research show or anxiety in terms of CBD dosage

We'll get into more practical matters but let's frame the question with research.

There's quite a bit of it on CBD's benefits for anxiety and CBD and GABA

The dosages in the research are usually on the high side.

This is because they're testing CBD's effects on pretty serious cases of anxiety.

The usual studies are around 300mg of CBD for anxiety.

Some studies even go up to 600 mgs for very serious examples of anxiety.

The 300 mg speaks to peak neurogenesis, the whole process of brain repair.

cbd and neurogenesis for anxiety


This doesn't mean you should run out and start taking 300 mgs!

Everyone's chemistry is different.

The effect of CBD by mg is affected by:

  • Weight
  • Liver processing
  • When you take it and with what


Check out the research here.  There's a strong safety profile up to 1500mg so the 300mg is still well within that range.

So...what amount should we start with? 

How many mg's of CBD to start for anxiety

It's always smart to start slow and see how your body responds.

Everyone's chemistry is different!

The generally accepted starting dose is around 30-50 mgs for anxiety.  It's a very low level by the way.  Just a test!

Here's a rough equivalent by total CBD levels for 50mg in a bottle:

  • 1000 mg bottle of CBD - approx 1 dropper
  • 2000 mg bottle of CBD - approx 1/2 of a dropper
  • 6000 mg bottle of CBD - approx ¼ of a dropper


It doesn't have to be perfect...this is just to test our reaction.

Learn how to get the most of CBD here.

Simple tips can increase the bioavailability by 4 times!

You should realize within 20-30 minutes the full extent of how that CBD will make you feel.  Peak CBD is about 4-6 hours after use.

The most common side effects (which are mild) are:

 Dry mouth

  • Drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Lower blood pressure.


Most people just report a calming feeling.

That's the goal with anxiety after all!

We're only discussing CBD Isolate since full-spectrum can have very different effects because of allergy and histamine issues.


full spectrum versus CBD isolate for anxiety


See our article on CBD Isolate verus full-spectrum.

Histamine is actually excitatory in the brain and eats up GABA, the powerful pathway for anxiety. That's why the first class of anti-anxiety meds were actually...anti-histamines!

Learn all about CBD and histamines here but the side effects for CBD itself are very mild.

Check out our How will CBD make me feel article.

That's why we focus on CBD's what the research on CBD and anxiety was based on!


Keep in mind that 30-50 mgs is a very low amount of CBD.

CBD generally reaches peak levels 4-6 hours after taking it. 

Once you've tested how you feel on it, then how many mg's generally make sense for anxiety?

How many mgs of CBD for anxiety - a practical approach

We've tested our bodies at the lower level.

Everything went smoothly and we have a general calming reaction.

Now, where do we go?

You have to test based on your response.

Anxiety is a great issue to do this with since the reactions are pretty obvious.

We KNOW when we're in the middle of anxiety.

Here's a practical approach to testing levels of CBD mg for anxiety:

  • Starting at the base level (30-50), double this amount for 2-3 days
  • If you still feel anxiety, double again for following 2-3 days


We are now up to about 100 mg of CBD.

Keep in mind that the research was at about 300-600 mg for more serious anxiety.

It's usually best to break up into multiple doses.

The peak level in our bloodstream is about 4-6 hours after.


Ideally, we can take one dose after every meal...especially going into nighttime.

Find what works for you.

Keep in mind that there are immediate effects for CBD but it also builds over time.

The neurogenesis (building new neurons in the brain - tied to anxiety and depression relief) can take days/months.


That's why SSRIs don't kick in for 14 days (and then build tolerance).

The immediate effect is due to GABA (target of benzos). The building effect is due to serotonin (target of SSRIs).

CBD has a feedback effect on both of these pathways...when LOW!

cbd and gaba for anxiety


That's the cumulative effect that grows over time.


cbd and serotonin for anxiety


This is where it gets interesting.

One study on anxiety tested 150 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mgs.

They all had an anti-anxiety effect. (short term - immediate)

The longer-term neurogenesis effect, however, was highest at 300 mg and went down from there!


peak neurogenesis for anxiety with cbd


See our article on CBD and neurogenesis and brain repair.

This means that it probably doesn't make sense to go higher than 300 mg for anxiety especially as it pertains to general anxiety and correcting pathways!

Either way, with high-quality CBD isolate, you should feel almost immediate relief based on research (and GABA!!).

How to calculate mg of CBD for anxiety

If we have a bottle of CBD, how can we tell how many mgs are in a dropper?

Here's the general rule.

  • Take the total mg of CBD in the bottle
  • Divide by 30


This assumes the most common 30 ml bottles (about 1 oz).

A dropper is about 1 ml on average.

Let's take an example.

If we have 1000 mg bottle of CBD.

We divide 1000/30 and we get approximately 33 mg per dropper.

For this reason, our 6000mg bottle (200mg per dropper) is the most popular, especically with the 40-50% discount options.


1/2 a dropper at that level is 100mg so 3x's after meals hits the 300mg total target for neurogeneis (brain repair).

How can we tell how many mg's in a bottle?

How to tell how many mg's in a bottle for anxiety

It better be obvious!

If a brand or bottle is NOT stating exactly how many mg's of CBD are in the bottle, it's probably bogus.

At IndigoNaturals, we put exactly how many mg of CBD is in the bottle.

  • 1000 mg
  • 2000 mg
  • 6000 mg


We even show the CBD breakdown in the 3rd party testing (available here or at the top of every page).

In fact, we usually have more than the listed amount.


Watch out for brands that give an mg count of "phytocannabinoids", "diols", or "hemp oil".

That's just misleading and a bad practice (in our book).

How to tell how many mg's per dropper for anxiety

This is the Divide by 30 tricks from above.

Take the total amount of CBD in a 30 ml bottle and divide it by 30.


Here's the quick calculation approximation:

  • 1000 mg bottle dropper = 33 mg of CBD
  • 2000 mg bottle dropper = 66 mg of CBD
  • 6000 mg bottle dropper = 200 mg of CBD


Check out above for how many mg's of CBD is recommended for anxiety.

We created a Top 10 Tips for CBD Dosage here.


Check out:

Master overview of CBD and anxiety pathways to look at various aspects we can directly affect. 

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    Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

    The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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