Can CBD Actually Make Anxiety Worse?


Can CBD Make Anxiety Worse



If you're a reddit CBD board junkie like me, you see it all the time.


"I took CBD for my anxiety and it made it worse!"


That's going the wrong direction and completely contrary to everything we've read in dozens of NIH studies on the matter.


How could CBD possibly make anxiety worse?


There are a few suspects and we usually figure out the culprit after putting on our Sherlock hat.


There are two root causes for CBD making anxiety worse for people and we'll look at both below..


We'll also quickly touch base on the research for CBD and anxiety to make sure it even works there at all.


The most frustrating issue for us is this…


Many people who could reduce suffering from CBD are going to miss out.


We went to a friend's house and she brought out a small box with mostly full CBD bottles.


Different brands. Different types.


None of it worked.


In made her anxiety worse.


There are millions of people who will have the same introduction to CBD.


Look...we found CBD originally out of necessity due to anxiety!


Raging 24/7 anxiety as a result of hormones plummeting from perimenopause.


Our personal story is here but anxiety's written all over it.


Let's get started.


We'll begin with the research behind CBD and anxiety.


Everything we do is based on research.

Research shows that CBD should make anxiety better, not worse

If you want the full 4000+ word overview of CBD's effect on anxiety go here.


Otherwise, we have personally read 100's of NIH and other studies on the matter.


Of all the traits that CBD has, its effect on anxiety is probably the most clear-cut.


Let's just touch base on a few pathways CBD affects directly:


  • CBD directly affects the 5HT pathway which governs serotonin (where SSRI's work)
  • CBD directly impacts the GABA pathway (where benzo's work)
  • CBD directly reduces neuroinflammation (key to neuron death and brain mass loss)
  • CBD directly calms the immune response (key to above and damage in the brain)
  • CBD directly affects the gut (where the immune response control resides)
  • CBD directly affects histamine response (another source of inflammation in brain)
  • CBD directly boosts our own endocannabinoid system which directly affects anxiety


Again, check out the research on CBD for anxiety here.


It's actually quite beautiful (especially if you're suffering).


There are about 15-20 specific studies referenced and those are just a segment of what's out there for CBD and anxiety.


Like we said, this is one of the most researched and powerful examples of CBD's effects for a given issue.


Not there a study where CBD makes anxiety worse.


THC (it's chemical cousin) can increase anxiety and that shows in studies.


Not CBD.


So why the disconnect between studies of CBD in the body across a range of results and what some people are saying on the reddit boards about CBD making their anxiety worse?


Now, we're trading anxiety for anger.


THIS is why we crafted IndigoNaturals the way we did.


The two reasons CBD can make anxiety worse

We've actually interacted with many of the reddit posters.


We ask two questions:

  • Do you have allergy or histamine issues?
  • What brand of CBD were you using which made anxiety worse?


Invariably, the answer is there and the problem can be solved.


We have entire articles on both here for CBD and allergies and here for avoiding bad CBD.


A quick review.


Histamine and allergic reactions to full spectrum can make anxiety worse.


40-60% of the population has allergy issues.


Histamine is just the chemical that controls this reaction in the body.


However, in the brain, it's a whole other animal.


Histamine is a very powerful neurotransmitter that governs alertness, wakefulness, and focus.


It's excitatory by nature! 


The 40-60% above (worse for women and if you're over age 40) can release too much histamine.


A histamine storm.


If we crank alertness, focus, and wakefulness up too high, that's basically anxiety!


Think about it.


 What' happens when you take an antihistamine?


Drowsy. Calm. Relaxed.


Hey, we would love to gather data on who's taking Tylenol PM and why.


Most likely, it's women, over age 40, in some stage of perimenopause or menopause.


It's not the Tylenol or pain relief they're after.


They're using it to sleep and bring down anxiety!


Every single night.


This despite the effects on liver, ability to remove toxins, and tie to dementia (for the anti-histamine):


Why does this matter for the type of CBD you use?


The vast majority of what is being pushed on the CBD market is full spectrum.


This is basically hemp oil with CBD added back in.


You might as well add CBD to ragweed!


There are 100's of substance in there that a sensitive histamine system will respond to.


One of the side effects of histamine release…




We've dealt with countless people who switch to CBD Isolate (not with hemp or olive oil) and it goes away.


That was actually part of our personal journey as well.


We have 4 of the biggest brands on the market sitting in a drawer somewhere.


Almost full.


Bad allergic reactions to all of them.


CBD by itself is calming for the histamine system.


Learn more about CBD and histamine here.


That's half the equation as to why CBD might make anxiety worse.


Let's get to the other question.


What Brand of CBD you use can make anxiety worse

The full spectrum issue above usually takes care of it.


Then there's the other thing...really bad CBD products.


We can't count the number of brands on the market.


Come up with a pseudo science/nature word and throw CBD behind it.


There's probably a brand with that name.


Then we come across the people who buy "CBD" on Amazon.




CBD products are not allowed to be on Amazon so who knows what you are putting in your body.


There are so many Chinese knock-offs for CBD product.


If the recent recall of actual BP medications is any indication, those can actually be really bad for you.


Solvents. Contaminants. Pesticides. Bacteria. Mold.


Yes, you can have an adverse effect to these and anxiety can be the brain's inflammatory response to poison essentially.

Remember that the histamine system is there to get bad things out of us very quickly.


Hence the sneezing, coughing, redness, itching, etc.


Now apply that to your central nervous system.


Hello, Anxiety.


Once a person sends us the brand, we research it.


Here's what we usually find:

  • They don't have 3rd party testing for the above issues OR they actually fail some (amazing)
  • They have very little CBD in the product or use misleading language (diols, phytocannabinoids, etc)
  • They are full spectrum and will hit the 40-60% of the population like a lead weight


Many of the biggest brands have the full spectrum /allergy issue.


    Then there are many smaller brands that are really bogus product.


    Here's the final wrap-up.


    • Real CBD Isolate (by itself) in MCT oil should not make anxiety worse.
    • Real CBD brands will 3rd party test their product and make sure it's organically grown in the US with CO2 extraction


    Everything else has a good chance of making anxiety worse.


    We're happy to research your brand.

    Just email us or list below and let us know what effect it's having.


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