A Girlfriend's Guide to CBD

girlfriends guide to cbd



"Did you hear about Lisa?"


I hadn't seen Michelle in over a year so I was excited to get caught up.


Friends since college, we don't see each other as much as we used to but we fall...right...back...into...it!


"No...why...what's up?"


In between sips of latte and punctuations of Lisa's latest escapades, I notice that Michelle's skin looks amazing! 


In full disclosure, college was 20 years ago!


I find myself studying her hair, skin, and how quickly her mind is working.


Maybe I need a latte.


She's telling me about how Lisa blasted the PTO president over the choice of meeting decorations and I stop her mid-sentence.


"Okay...Michelle. What the hell are you doing? What gives?"


She rears her head back in surprise thinking I'm upset about talking about Lisa over coffee.


Truth be told, Lisa's a total B-word so I'm loving the drama but that's not what I'm after.


"What?? Look, Lisa has been sleeping with her 25-year-old son's tutor SO…"


"No...I mean...You look AMAZING! You're glowing. What are you doing?"


She laughs...with just enough modesty to offset the confidence in her secret.


"Progesterone, Estradiol, and…..CBD"


"CB what???"


"CBD. You don't know about CBD??"


Over a few more lattes, 40 minutes, and just the corners of a danish, she schooled me on CBD.


I was as excited as I was angry.


Why didn't I know about this??

Why don't WOMEN know about this??




They're going to and very quickly.


One girlfriend to another, I'll pass on what Lisa gave me and what hours of later research confirmed.


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Spread the word. Spread the love...and PLEASE...please don't tell bitchy Lisa what we said about her!

Does CBD help with women's skin?




Yes! As women, our skin is under constant attack from chemicals, sun, and stress.


Not only is CBD shown to be a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin E and A (throw out all that skincare product!!), it goes after all the different issues that can pop up on our skin!


Check out CBD and Oxidative Stress here.


Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, allergic reactions, skin cancer, etc!


It also helps to manage the delicate balance of cell creation and removal that occurs every second in our skin to keep our outsides looking the best possible.


Skin is just a reflection of our inner health and CBD is a powerful balancer of both our hormone and immune systems.


You can find more here on skin and CBD.

Does CBD help with women's sleep?



Lord, yes! This is one of the top three reasons that women try and stay with CBD.

CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality without being sedative or affecting waking hours.


For women, poor sleep is as much about turning our heads off at night so we actually CAN sleep.


That may be CBD's greatest gift.


Turning off the worrying and planning...


Check out the science on CBD and women's sleep here.


Anxiety, you're not welcome in this bed ANYMORE!


That brings up a good question...

Does CBD help with women's anxiety and depression?



Anxiety and depression hit women much harder and more often than men.


There's a complex interaction between hormones (where we're a tad bit more complicated...you know with the whole baby-making thing) and neurotransmitters.


One of CBD's most researched qualities is to help with both anxiety and depression.


In fact, it's the primary driver of CBD adoption by women and the first thing most girlfriends pass on to those in need.


Sleep, anxiety, and depression.


Let's unwind those three for the ladies!


You can learn all about CBD for anxiety here and CBD for perimenopausal depression here.

Does CBD help with women's hormone balance?

We won't dive too deep into it but CBD affects the system in a woman's body that balances:

  • Hormones
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Immune response


Whether it's the monthly cycle or the BIG cycles (perimenopause), CBD helps this complicated and changing system.


This affects everything from mood to appetite and about 1000 things in between.


On a side note...DEMAND that your OB runs a full hormone panel (like the Dutch Test) which shows all three estrogens and all the metabolites (what hormones break down into).


This has an incredible impact on cycles, fertility, brain and heart health.


Why they're not doing it already is CRAZY!!


Speaking of supercycles...

Does CBD help with perimenopause?



Perimenopause can vary from no big deal to total trainwreck!


Every woman is different.


Check out one of our founder's story about perimenopause here to see the train wreck side of things.


Thank God she found CBD (in addition to bio-identical hormones and supplements).


Look..your body's been used to a certain ebb and flow of very powerful chemicals (progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone AMONG others) for 3-4 decades.


And suddenly, mother nature decides to rip those away?


What do you think might happen!?!


If men had perimenopause, there would be congressional hearings TOMORROW!


CBD helps to balance this out the hormone system. 


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Learn more about CBD and Perimenopause here.

Does CBD help with women's energy?

Hormones govern energy, blood sugar, fat use and more.


Heck...Insulin IS a hormone!


There are a bunch of other hormones that govern energy use, management, and the fact that we don't seem to have any around 6pm!


That's one of the reasons CBD is being researched so heavily for diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.


Learn about whether CBD can give you Energy.

Speaking of which…

Does CBD help with women's immune issues?



Here's the sad stat...


80% of people diagnosed with an autoimmune disease..are WOMEN!

That's crazy

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • GERD/IBS/Crohn's
  • Alzheimer's and Dementia
  • Psoriasis


The list goes on and on.


Open up that magazine at the store and the ads will likely be…


For an autoimmune disease!


Watch TV. Autoimmune disease.


And women are getting hit the hardest!


CBD's effect on the immune system's response is probably one of it's most powerful effects.


It helps to calm the immune down so it doesn't go all Kardashian on our body!


Learn all about CBD and women's immune systems here.

Does CBD help with women's heart health?



  • Let's skip the part about how CBD is a natural blood pressure lowerer.
  • Let's just scoot right past its effects on anxiety and stress response.
  • Or even it's help with sleep which has huge impacts on heart health.


It's a powerful anti-inflammatory!


Inflammation is the root of all evil (right after chocolate)!


Even heart issues need inflammation to flourish.


Check out CBD and inflammation here.


Let's shut that down, Ladies!

Does CBD help with women's healthy weight loss?

We're always leary to talk about CBD's effect on weight since it immediately conjures up vision of snake oil and worse (late-night infomercials notwithstanding).




CBD research with the NIH (National Institute of Health) backs it!

  • Brown fat (the good fat...burns calories) is affected by CBD
  • Energy usage is affected by CBD
  • Appetite is affected by CBD


It's all there.


No cheesy guy with a thin mustache….we're talking the NIH.


Learn more here on CBD and women's healthy weight.

Does CBD help with women's gut issues?

Oh my goodness, YES!


Look Ladies...the root of most issues is in the gut.


Our systems are just much more sensitive to all the nasty stuff in our environment…

  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Hormone mimickers


80% of our immune system is in the gut.


Heck...90% of serotonin (the feel-good chemical) is made in our gut!


CBD shows incredible promise to both calm and protect the gut.


Learn all about CBD and probiotics here or CBD and Serotonin here.

Does CBD help with women's pain and inflammation?

How does CBD work for women's inflammatoin


This is the second biggest benefit to women after immune system balance.




CBD has been shown to help with all the pains that hit women the hardest:

  • Menstrual pain and cramps
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines and headaches (check out Magnesium as well!)
  • Joint and muscle pains


There's enough we have to deal with (work, kids….MEN??).


Can we please just take pain out of the mix?


Find out what CBD does for Pain here.

Does CBD help with women's longevity?

Age well.


Yes, Please!!


Ladies, almost everything we touched on the above figures into aging gorgeously both inside and out.


  • Sleep. Check.
  • Hormone balance. Check (don't get us started on Progesterone and Estradiol's effects)
  • Inflammation. Double Check.


I'll leave you with this.


CBD helps the body remove toxins out of the gut.


Toxins. Poisons.


That's probably a good thing for longevity.


If you're not convinced, most research is pointing to so-called "zombies cells" or senescent cells, which are not quite dead but leaking toxins to their neighbors, as the root of all aging evil.


Wrinkles. Cancer. DNA misfiring. You name it.


Cancer's important but did you say "Wrinkles???"


Find out why the Fountain of Youth might be filled with CBD here.

The Wrap Up for your Ladies Guide to CBD

We've touched on a lot here.


All real important for everyone but let's face it…


Women have so much more to gain from CBD!


It's like mother nature FINALLY threw us a gift.


God knows we have most of the heavy lifting everywhere else.


No more suffering. No more silence.


Let's spread the word and help each other thrive.


Indigo Naturals was designed BY women. FOR women.

  • 3rd party testing for safety
  • Highest quality CBD - watch out for "hemp oil" junk
  • Strong enough levels to ACTUALLY help women (see dosage here)
  • CBD Isolate for women's sensitive systems (histamines, allergies, etc)
  • At an affordable price so women can make this part of their health and wellness strategy.


Psst. Pass it on.


Just don't tell Lisa. She'll lord it over EVERYONE!!


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.



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