Ladies, the Fountain of Youth May Be Filled With CBD

Fountain of Youth filled with CBD for Longevity


We just need to reach another 10 years.


By then, we'll have Crispr technology to sub out genes and all the new advances on aging will finally start to spin back the hands of time.


There are exciting NEW discoveries on the aging front across multiple lines.

  • Mitochondrial health and numbers
  • Removing senescent (damaged) cells and their toxic effects
  • Hormonal effects on the levers of aging
  • Removing inflammation and related disease damage


Real science... not snake oil sold on infomercials (our apologies to snake oil salespeople everywhere).


We'll get into all of this new research below but most importantly, we'll talk about our lifeboat. 




The ship is sinking (aging really) and we need to just make it over to that island of youthful energy and health promise a few years out.


The Good Ship CBD!


Let's look at how CBD impacts all the new discoveries on what causes aging and more importantly, how can we slow it down or even REVERSE it.


The goal is not just more years.

The goal is to function as if we're age 25 in both body and brain.


Don't kid yourself…. THAT's the goal.


Every year, scientists unravel what aging is in the body.


We just need to buy some time.


Now, ladies, we're going to have to roll up our sleeves for this one.


Aging isn't for the faint of heart and neither is anti-aging.


We'll be looking at cutting edge (for now) information on what aging really is.


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Let's look at CBD in this context aside from all the other benefits we're finding for women with this powerful tool:


  • A quick intro aging base on new research
  • How the endocannabinoid system is integral to the proper functioning
  • CBD to delay, stop or reverse aging
  • How CBD works with mitochondria
  • How CBD works with Senescent Cells
  • How CBD works with Hormones
  • How CBD works with Inflammation
  • What CBD Dosage for Anti-aging effects
  • Best CBD for anti-aging in women


Let's get started. No time to lose!

A quick intro to aging base on new research

It really is an exciting time.


Over the last few years, there have been pretty incredible studies on not only stopping aging but reversing it!


Let's dig into four key areas of research understanding that other pathways are yet to be discovered.


We'll start with the newest discovery.

Mitochondria and Aging

Mitochondria are the little power plants of your cells.


They're actually ancient bacteria that we "kidnapped" about 1.5 BILLION years ago.


Almost every living thing you see has them.


They even have their own DNA (separate from ours!)


It depends on the cell type (heart muscle has the most) but each cell has a few thousand mitochondria.


Here's the deal, as we go along through life, they accumulate genetic damage just as we do.


They then start to make less and less energy as a whole.


This means that our cells, which use this energy, can't do their usual housekeeping.


Yes, you actually have less energy but it goes deeper than that:

  • Less cellular energy means less correction of DNA damage from outside stress and inflammation.
  • Less production of key structures and chemicals
  • Less protection from outside poisons and toxins
  • Less general maintenance of everything a cell needs to do!


For example, when scientists tampered with mitochondrial DNA in mice, they aged faster!


Interestingly, aerobic exercise offsets the accelerated aging in the mice above.


Hit the gym (better yet, the pool!)


And yes... exercise increases the number of healthy and functioning mitochondria!


There's long been an association between mitochondrial activity and aging.


We'll talk about ways to support your mitochondria below with CBD.


Interestingly, the accumulation of genetic defects and poor functioning in mitochondria brings up our next section.

Senescent Cells and Aging

Cells are created and destroyed all the time in the body.


There are triggers in the body to recognize when a cell is so impaired that it needs to be removed.


One connection with the mitochondria above is that as they start to accumulate DNA errors, the process of removing damaged cells doesn't get accomplished.


These "senescent" cells as they are all called then leak toxins and other signals to surrounding tissue.


One primary poison is called ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species.


You've probably heard the term "antioxidant" till you're sick of it.


ROS is what they're "anti"!


So that's the situation down at the cellular level.


Let's move up a step in the process.


To hormones!


This is especially important for women.

Hormones and Aging

Hormones are incredibly powerful in women's bodies.


Especially with the shift to perimenopause and menopause.


There's an article here on CBD and perimenopause that gets into it but we'll leave you with this.


The adjustment of hormones in the body basically turns genes on and off to close up the shop!


Estrogen and Progesterone levels are tied to:

  • Bone and skin growth and health
  • Brain and heart function
  • Energy usage
  • Sleep regulation
  • And so much more!


These hormones start to decrease around the mid-'30s.


Yes, mid 30's!


They drop about 70% by mid to late '40s!


Of course, this is going to manifest itself as aging.


Again, check out the article above on what CBD does.


We'll leave you with just an example.


We all know melatonin by now.


It's a hormone created in the pineal gland which helps us to fall asleep.


It decreases as we get older.


Insufficient amounts of it may also be a powerful signal to the rest of the body to start shutting down.


Scientists transplanted pineal gland tissue from younger mice to older mice and prolonged their life.


This is one hormone signaler out of dozens!


DHEA is another important signaler (and one you can supplement easily).


Finally, let's look at the day to day damage our body takes in terms of aging.

Inflammation and Aging

Excess inflammation is our enemy.


Mitochondria create a tremendous amount of inflammation as a result of making energy.

This can damage their DNA and ours!


There's also systemic inflammation in the rest of the body and brain.


Most of our modern diseases are a result of inflammation and the immune response overworking or working incorrectly.


Almost all of those same diseases are tied to age.


Researchers find that inflammation increases with age even if there's not an infection or source of it.


There's a great overview on that here:


Enough of the causes.


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What can we do about it???

CBD to delay, stop or reverse aging

First, CBD is a cannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant.


It's able to influence our own endocannabinoid system which runs naturally through our body.


CBD has a strong safety profile and shows tremendous promise according to research.


The endocannabinoid system is unique in the body.


It works to balance: 

  • The endocrine system (hormones)
  • Immune system (controls inflammatory response)
  • Nervous system (neurotransmitters)


Right away, you should see two major systems that tie into aging from our discussion above.


The third deals with "aging in the brain" so that might be important as well.


Let's look at CBD and each section as well as some other options showing promise.

How CBD works with Hormones

Simply put, CBD is showing promise in research to help balance hormones.


Hormones govern many critical roles in the body including:

  • Sleep!!
  • Energy Creation and Use
  • Skin, Hair, and Bone strength, creation, and removal
  • Mood


CBD originally gained popularity for sleep, anxiety, and pain.


Two of these are directly moderated by hormones.


You can learn all about CBD and Sleep or CBD and Anxiety or Depression.


Women in their mid 40's should also start to watch Progesterone, Estradiol (the protective flavor of Estrogen), and Testosterone levels.


DHEA is also showing important ties with aging in general.


Of course, we discussed Melatonin above.


As a simple but powerful example, CBD is showing positive effects on governing oil and tissue growth in the skin.


They stumbled on this effect while investigating Psoriasis and Eczema.


We all want healthier and more robust looking skin, right! 

How CBD works with mitochondria

Look... this may be at the heart of all the other causes of aging.


If our little cellular power plants start to mess up, so does everything else.

  • The immune system
  • The nervous system
  • Cellular communication and housekeeping


Making energy is a nasty business.


Look at oil, gas, or nuclear.


Lots of waste products!


That's no different for our cells!


First, are there even CBD receptors in our mitochondria?




A study found that CB (the CBD receptor) directly affected mitochondria activity.


Research on CBD and mitochondrial diseases are shedding new light.

In the study below, CBD was shown to reduce or protect from key waste toxins of energy production and even help to balance Calcium channels in the mitochondria.


Calcium is very important to the inner workings of mitochondria.


This doesn't mean you supplement it.


It's more a question of calcium balance in and outside of the mitochondria.


It reflects the mitochondrial response to stress!


Remember.. stress is at the heart of keeping these little power plants functioning correctly.


CBD appears to open these channels so that calcium can find balance.


Balance means fewer stress superoxides causing damage nearby!


CBD has been shown to be a stronger antioxidant than either Vitamin A or Vitamin E.


You may also want to check out NAD, COQ10, along with CBD for mitochondrial health.


Check out CBD and glutathione or CBD and oxidative stress for a deeper look.


Speaking of damage…

How CBD works with Inflammation

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

This is primarily its effect on the immune system where inflammation resides.

As we get older, our immune system starts to misfire.


That's why so many auto-immune diseases are tied to age!


80% of autoimmune diseases hit women and the majority are over age 40.


You can learn all about CBD and inflammation here.


Keep in mind that chronic inflammation is both a hallmark of aging but also many of the diseases that accompany it.


Interestingly, most anti-oxidants can't be used during chemotherapy since the chemo creates great amounts of inflammation and that's how it kills cells.


CBD doesn't appear to block this in the cancerous cells but still protects surrounding cells!


Pretty amazing stuff.


Finally, what about clearing out the "zombie" cells that spread havoc to surrounding tissue?


Does CBD help there?

How CBD works with Senescent Cells

Let's look at a very important process in the body.


That's just a fancy word to say the removal of cells.


There's a built-in process in the body that triggers to remove cells when they're damaged.


The endocannabinoid system (which CBD bolsters) is partially in charge of this.


The first signs came out of diseases like psoriasis where the body is making too many skin cells.


CBD is showing promise to balance this process by causing apoptosis in excess cells.


Apoptosis means cell death.


It sounds scary but it's happening millions of times a day in your body.


We need it as part of the basic housekeeping.


Out with the old (and damaged)!


Cancer is the ultimate example of a cell that won't die!


Take a look at the research on CBD and cancer here.


As a quick example, we can see CBD's influence on healthy cell maintenance with recent studies regarding breast cancer:

CBD treatment induces an interplay among PPARγ, mTOR and cyclin D1 in favor of apoptosis induction in both ER-positive and triple-negative breast cancer cells, proposing CBD as a useful treatment for different breast cancer subtypes


MTOR is THE pathway for removing senescent cells so we now know that CBD influences that pathway.

Very exciting!


In fact, current research is showing that mTOR might be a master regulator of lifespan and aging!


You can learn more about how senescent cells may be a key root of aging here:

And here

Quercetin may be another good supplement for this pathway.


We'll keep you posted in this rapidly changing landscape!


Cold exposure and fasting both positively influence MTOR pathways!

CBD's just a lot less uncomfortable.

What CBD Dosage for Anti-aging effects

For general wellness, the standard thought is around 20-30 mgs of CBD daily.


Most of the research for more serious age-related issues use 300-600mgs with few side effects.


Let's help each other.


The main issue we see is that women take a super small dose because they're nervous about something new.


That's okay and expected.

We ALL went through that.


If you're like many women out there, you'll quickly feel the difference and adjust accordingly.


Tell us your results and how much CBD you use below.


We're going to empower each other and kick aging to the curb!

Best CBD for anti-aging in women

Two approaches here.


Maybe a combination of both.


The oil tinctures work well for systemic benefits.

The topical creams work well for spot issues on skin and around the body.


We recommend Isolate CBD without the other plant material since so many women have histamine issues.


You can learn all about that here.


Of course, at IndigoNaturals, we source the highest quality CBD:

  • 3rd party tested
  • THC Free
  • No Pesticides
  • No Solvents
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Bacteria/Mold


High quality, from hemp grown organically in the US.

We can really help each other feel better!


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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Thanks for the positive response! We’re going to do a lot of research on CBD for men shortly. A lot of the reviews are good both genders (mental health, longevity, addiction, sleep, etc) but we’ll definitely do a deep dive into men’s health. Probably, the most amazing research I’ve seen is this new one (search up top) on Dr Sinclair from Harvard with age reversal. I think it’s bigger than CRSPR! Thanks and be well!


First time in your site. Love the writing style, well referenced research and cross analysis . I follow latest research closely. Subscribe to Discover, Life Sciences and others. No other site is so well integrated. Would appreciate CBD impact on male health😉. Look forward to trying your products. Great presentation on Senolytics Brought it all together.

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