Our (CBD) Story


Our CBD Story Started With Trauma 


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Indigo Naturals is a women-owned and operated small business out of beautiful Carmel Valley, California.

Our discovery of CBD was one born out of a health scare that left us scrambling to find tools to get better.


Necessity is the mother of invention as we scoured research to learn what was happening and if we could feel better.


Rolling Panic Attacks.  Racing Anxiety.  Brain Fog.  Heart rate spiking and ZERO sleep. 


You can get the full story (brace yourself!) on how we found CBD at Dre's Story here.

CBD became a star in this play and the more we learned about how it works, the more fascinating it became.

This is not your froufrou treatment for prettier skin (although CBD figures in there) but a deep dive into critical pathways like serotonin, GABA/Glutamate, Immune Response, and BDNF (our brain's fertilizer).

Here's a quick lay of the land and image links to how CBD works in the body and brain.


CBD benefit charts

We wanted to pour over dozens of NIH studies on how CBD worked.

Then, we saw an immediate mismatch between what companies were selling and what the research showed.

All the hype for full-spectrum didn't match the science (see comparison here).

In fact, we tried 3-4 of the biggest brands originally and had terrible responses (stomach issues, clicks in the back the throat, rashes, etc)...full histamine responses to all the plant material.

40-60% of the population has histamine issues and this number goes up as you get older and for women (thanks, progesterone).

Based on that, we decided to craft a product around CBD isolate with verified levels that are high enough to match what's in the research.

A bottle of 250 mg is essentially very (very) expensive hemp oil.


Research is pointing to 300 mg doses daily for neurogenesis, the key to mental health and addiction.

Of course, we made it a priority to adhere to the following:

  • Organically grown in the US at FDA registered farms
  • CO2 processed
  • 3rd party tested
  • No THC  (see THC versus CBD to understand why)
  • No Pesticides
  • No Solvents
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Bacteria
  • No Mold

We actually test our oils twice...the whole family uses it after all!

benefits of indigo naturals cbd isolate

We're proud of the product but our real passion is the research.

We've been on the other side of suffering and understanding what's happening in the body or brain is the first step.

It was for us back in 2017 . It will be for you as well.

Check out the CBD research center (click magnifying glass at top of any page) for 100's of deep reviews which keep growing by the week.

The full story in all its grisly detail of how we were forced to discover CBD is here.  SSRI's.  Benzos.  Serotonin syndrome.  The works!

Reach out to us by email or send a chat message with any question and we'll send over research specific to your situation.  We love doing this!

Be well.  Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself!


Our story really began: Dre's Story.


IndigoNaturals Founders - Women helping Women with CBD

 (we're not big fans of getting our pictures taken :)

Sharon Gray and Andrea Goodacre Jarvis