You Are Taking CBD All Wrong! (yes, YOU!)

You are taking CBD all wrong


Whether you're new to the world of CBD or a seasoned pro (welcome to the club!), it's pretty clear…


Many people have no idea how to take CBD.


At least to get the most benefit from it.


We get it.


Tinctures?? this a set on Westworld?


Where's the jar of leeches to remove bad blood!


CBD oil is the most popular and effective delivery (for now) so let's find out how to use it correctly. 


The base oil is actually a good thing which we'll talk about below.


Our goal is you lots of time and money with CBD.


It's not cheap (unless you're using cheap knock-off stuff from China….you are brave!).


There's tremendous research on how CBD works.


What we don't want is this…


People either take bad CBD or take it the wrong way and don't see the benefits!


There is a lot of suffering out there and we've seen first hand just how effective CBD can be.


To that aim…


Six essential rules on how to take CBD!


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Here they are in no particular order:

  • Split that dose!
  • Sublingual or bust
  • Fatty meal please
  • "Don't get stingy with the yella"
  • Just CBD, hold the histamines!
  • How to take CBD with medications


Let's jump into it.

Split that dose! How often to take CBD

Many questions pop up on how to take CBD in terms of doses.


Yes, there's the question of how much to take but what about how often?


This is partially a game of trial and error but here's a key consideration.


CBD oil's immediate effects generally last up to 4 hours depending on your body's chemistry, liver processing, etc.


For that reason, it makes sense to take our total dosage and split into 2 or 3 depending on what we're trying to address.


We see the best results when taken with breakfast and dinner (more on CBD with food later).


If sleep is a key reason for trying CBD, the dosage can be split for dinner and right before bed (or even middle of the night if you wake up).


Try CBD first to see how your body responds.


Does it make you calm and drowsy? Does it give you energy and focus?

Both are possible!


Check out Can I take CBD in the middle of the day.


Try to split the doses according to what works for your situation.


The long term effects of a single dose of CBD have been seen for up to 7 days!


Which is good...we want to balance the endocannabinoid system.

Sublingual or bust

It's a rough road.


Anything that's taken orally is in for a road trip to hell!


We'll start with hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


It's the same stuff that can burn through metal at a higher amount.


We'll then attack it with an arsenal of acids, enzymes, bacteria, and other chemicals designed to shred it apart.


Don't even get started on the liver and kidney's job which is to break you down and get it out of you!!


It's the chemical version of The Bachelor. Brutal!


That's why we recommend getting as much CBD under the tongue as possible.


When you first take the CBD oil, hold it under your tongue from 30 to 60 seconds.


This is the "sublingual" piece.


A 2009 study showed that about 10-20% of CBD consumed actually made it into the bloodstream.

That's quite a bit of loss!


Right below the tongue is the sublingual gland.


This allows for a much more direct route into the bloodstream.


Perhaps up to 30-40%!


Almost double the digestive tract.


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Always start with the CBD oil under the tongue and then swallow.

"Don't get stingy with the yella"

Maybe one of our favorite lines by Randy Quaid from Vegas Vacation.


Here's the deal...and we've seen it over and over.


Many people are incredibly nervous about trying CBD in the beginning.


This isn't LSD!


You're not going to go numb on the left side of your body!


It's CBD.


You're probably not going to feel a thing aside from maybe calm.


We've watched many friends try it for the first time as they brace for the onslaught.


This is normal.


The reaction is to be expected.


Here's the deal, many people start with a really bad brand of CBD with very little actual CBD (aside from the big letters on the bottle).


It's good to start small and test how your body reacts but to really get any benefits, you'll quickly find out that higher amounts of actual CBD are required.


The studies on sleep showed 160 mg doses were effective.


Much of the research is based on 300 mgs for more serious issues.


See how many mg of CBD for anxiety here as an example.


Okay...if we have 2000 mg bottle of CBD, one dropper is about 66mg!


That's about 2 ½ droppers for that 160 amount above.


That's why it usually makes sense to go up to a 6000 mg+ bottle so you're not swimming in coconut oil!


Don't get stingy with it!


There are some things you can skip however….read on!

Just CBD, hold the histamines!

If we see "entourage effect" one more time, we're going to go all Jeremy Piven's on everyone (prior to his recent issues...the character...not the actor).


Everyone and their mother is touting "full-spectrum" CBD which includes more of the plant material alongside the CBD.


Here's the problem...there's very little research backing this up (aside from how CBD makes THC more tolerable) and there's a potential downside for a good majority of the population.




Personally, I tried full spectrum first (because like I said, that's ALL the websites talk about).


I had a fever response and almost immediate diarrhea.


I know I know...too much information but if I can save you from this, so be it.


Every time I took it, the same response.


Tried CBD isolate finally and no problem.


I have allergy and histamine issues (alongside about 60% of women!!)


All that plant material was not going to fly with my system.


Read all about CBD and Histamines here.


Just CBD please!


You can learn about Full-spectrum versus CBD Isolate here.


Entourage also included Turtle so let's not oversell it!

How to take CBD with medications

CBD has a very strong safety profile.


There is one key point however regarding medications.


If you take medications, take at least CBD 4 hours away from them.


Always work with your doctor or naturopath with any supplement.


CBD utilizes the P450 pathway in the liver.


Lots of meds use this same pathway.


This can either enhance or reduce the medication's effect.


4 hours away and do NOT keep the doctor away.


Consult with your doctor regarding CBD and other supplements.


Get lots of tips on how to best take CBD here.


And of course, let us know your results below!!


Let's help each other feel better...No...feel our BEST!


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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