The Best CBD for Naturopaths, Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, and Alternative Practitioners

best cbd for naturopaths chiropractors acupuncturists


CBD is an amazing option for many providers in today's world.


Your advantage is that it's not yet mainstream in our medical delivery system and yet research is showing tremendous progress across multiple pathways and issues.


  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Autoimmune
  • Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Mitochondrial support
  • Inflammation


The list is growing.


If you're brand new to the research (NIH) on CBD, check out our list of CBD benefits here.


If you're well versed in the benefits but need to find the best source to partner with, we have some good news.


IndigoNaturals is THE choice for the enlightened practitioner who knows their stuff:

  • Superior quality of product
  • Verifiable levels of CBD
  • CBD isolate for allergy and histamine sensitive people (40-60% of the population and likely MOST of your clients)
  • Some of the lowest-priced CBD per mg of CBD on the market
  • General Affiliate and Wholesale sharing with our partners
  • Support and Guidance for you and your clients via dozens of online articles and our companion site with intensive research by health issue


Let's walk through each one.

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To get started right away, please request your affiliate link or email us for whole pricing and orders.

Superior quality and safety of product

Everyone and their mother is selling CBD.


That doesn't mean it's good CBD.


IndigoNaturals is proud to START with the following:

  • Organically grown in the US as an FDA-registered farm
  • CO2 extracted (no heavy solvents)
  • THC free - very important for histamine issues


3rd party tested free of:

  • Solvents
  • THC
  • Pesticides
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Heavy Metals


In our minds, those are just the baseline requirements.


Like we said...we START from there!


Next, let's look at a big issue with many giant brands.

Verifiable and sufficient levels of CBD

The mgs of CBD should be right on the bottle.


and tested by 3rd parties.




So many big brands have mgs of "hemp oil", "phytocannabinoids", or worst yet "diols" (whatever that means).


Look, we have read 100's of NIH studies on CBD.  It's all CBD Isolate!


The rest of it is just feel good speculation or marketing...until we see research to back it.


Also, many very big brands sell bottles with 250mg of CBD (30ml). That means you're getting about 10mg of CBD per dropper.


The research is for 300-600mg. Sleeping help was tested at 160mg.


Check out our guide on how many mg's of CBD here.


25mg is an established wellness dosage.


So...either a person has to take 2-3 droppers just to get to a wellness dosage and/or go through bottles of CBD (which they will not be able to afford).


You'll look like a TRUSTED expert by offering correct and verifiable amounts.


We have your back through research to show clients what the studies actually show.


Almost all brands are pushing "full-spectrum" CBD over Isolate.


Many naturopaths, chiropractors, and doctors are offering this to clients.


Big mistake!


CBD isolate for allergy and histamine sensitive people (40-60% of the population and likely MOST of your clients)

Most ND's and providers worth their salt know that histamine and mast cell issues contribute to their client's health issues.


Roughly 40% of the population has allergy issues.


This number goes up for women. Up higher (closer to 60%) for women over 40.


Check out CBD for perimenopause allergies and histamines.


Sound like a client you know?

We have seen countless examples where people have side effects (gastrointestinal and allergic reactions) to full-spectrum.


These side effects typically go away with CBD Isolate.


Check out our article "Do you need THC to activate CBD" or "CBD and histamines" for more detail.


Don't be sold on something that has no research to back it up.


Check out Scientific American's review of the whole "Entourage Effect".

Your clients will get their full-spectrum CBD from you till they decide they don't feel great on it or find out about Isolate from someone else.

That erodes trust between you and them.


Try the CBD Isolate with your clients and you'll see what we mean. 

shop and compare isolate cbd online

More importantly, it's a great option for people using another brand of full-spectrum CBD and not getting the expected result.

Some of the lowest-priced CBD per mg of CBD on the market

We found CBD as a result of a brutal perimenopause.


You can read all about it here at "Dre's Perimenopause story".


Our experience tells us that the percentage of women heading for a similar story is increasing significantly.


We suffered for a full year at the hands of bad advice, worst medications, and a horrific fight to feel better.


Check our comprehensive article comparing CBD and anxiety medications.


It was a naturopath that got us there (with a ton of research on our own).


For this reason, we want people to afford CBD.


We want to reduce suffering.


Many brands out there are charging between 2 and 10 times the amount we do per mg of CBD!


This is outrageous.


There are people suffering and the research on CBD (see how CBD works) is pretty amazing.


For this reason, we want to offer some of the best priced CBD on the market.


And we did!


Our simple guiding statement…


"Everyone deserves to feel better"


That doesn't mean you have to forgo an amazing opportunity for your practice!


General Affiliate and Wholesale sharing with our partners

Towards the goal of helping the most people feel better, we offer generous affiliate and wholesale opportunities.


  • 30% Affiliate Link
  • up to 100% markup on wholesale purchases based on quantity


You can request your affiliate link here (no obligations) or request a wholesale packet here.


Finally, our secret weapon with CBD.


We would like to see any other brand match our sheer effort in making you an expert in the market for your clients!


Support and Expert Guidance

Support and Guidance for you and your clients via over 100 in-depth, online articles with intensive research by health issue.


We're adding useful and exhaustively researched articles on this site available here.


You can provide your clients with access to our in-depth and growing base of CBD articles.

Check out the following to start:


We add approximately 1 article a day because we believe in the product.


If there are specific questions or topics you want to be addressed, let us know.


We'll get on it!


For your clients (and yourselves) that like to delve into the weeds (bad pun, there's no THC in our product!), there's our companion site.


With dozens of health issue topics and articles up to 6000 words based on NIH research, get ready to impress your clients.


This isn't fly by night stuff.


CBD can be transformative for your practice with the right partner.


We want to be that partner.


Finally...our story is your story.


Check out Dre's Story.


It not only highlights the healing power of CBD but speaks to how a naturopath and acupuncturist literally saved one of our partners.


It's personal and powerful stuff for anyone who needs an introduction to CBD and the gifts you offer.'s ALL 100% true.


Let us know what questions you have and how we can help you bring CBD to your clients at the best cost. Verifiable. Effective. Affordable.


Be well! 

SelfCare based on Research

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