Superwoman's Dirty Little Secret - CBD


We all know THAT woman.


She seems to juggle everything we're supposed to handle and there's not nearly a crack showing in the veneer.


She appears well-rested, calm, and her skin is glowing. 


More importantly...she has energy???


Of course, her most "endearing quality" is that she never tells you her secret.


"Why Tina, you look awesome! What's your secret??"


"Oh...celery sticks and hot yoga" she says with a smirk.


Yea, right!!


Celery sticks….Please.


Look...You can keep the cape and shiny boots.


Okay...maybe we'll keep the boots but the whole superwoman illusion is just that.


You know what we're talking about.


You can do it all…

  • The amazing, hard-charging career
  • The wonderful kids and their 10 billion activities
  • The fireworks relationship with your significant other
  • Holiday decorations. Working out regularly. Yoga.


And on and on and on.


You'll see women that appear to have it all under wraps.


How do they do it?


Or do they really do it at all?


Secretly, you're kinda wishing they would lose their shit one day at the PTO meeting and go full stream of obscenities on the ladies in the room.


Okay...we don't REALLY want that but it sure would address our own short-comings.


Here's the deal...for many women, it's not really a choice.

You don't CHOOSE to take on 20 different roles...


They get thrown at you!


So what can our Superwomen do to catch a break?


Well...let us tell you Superwoman's little secret.



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Let's look at why CBD is a better friend to the Superwomen out saving the world (literally) than any accessory (aside from a really cute hairstyle)!

Superwoman's Secret of Sleep

A new study just showed that the brain sees bad sleep the same as extreme anxiety!


There are only so many hours in the day.


The last thing us Superwomen need is bad sleep!


Disrupted sleep. Anxious sleep.


Thinking and scheming on the day's events and how to save the world (or at least the soccer snacks the following day).


The day would be so much better if we had great sleep.


Enter CBD


CBD is showing powerful effects to help with sleep.


This is especially true for women and even more for our perimenopausal sisters!


We did a whole review on CBD and perimenopause sleep issues here.


Sleep is a function of hormones and neurotransmitters.


Those two systems just happen to be under the management of the endocannabinoid system which CBD boosts!


Amazingly, CBD is not sedative. It actually can help make you more alert during waking hours.


Check out Can you take CBD in the middle of the day to understand why.


Get super sleep!


A big part of sleeping well for women is to turn off the head!!!


STOP worrying and stressing out about all things you're in charge of!


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Next stop...knocking out anxiety and depression.

Superwoman's Secret to Unwind

One of the biggest uses of CBD is for anxiety and depression.


There's extensive research (check out here) on how CBD can help with both anxiety and depression.


Pretty significant results in the research.


Without all the nasty side effects from the common benzo and SSRI medications.


There are also results showing CBD benefits for OCD, negative thoughts, and other detractors from Superwomen everywhere!


We even looked at CBD's effects of perimenopause on anxiety and depression.

Superwoman's Secret to Detox

For Superwomen, the bad guys are EVERYWHERE!!

  • Hormone disruptors in plastics (hmm mmm...Starbucks)
  • Pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives in our food
  • 1000's of other chemicals in our make-up, skincare products, and the like.


That sunblock that's suppose to protect your skin??


It probably has a nasty hormone disruptor in it. Hawaii just banned them!


Women's hormone systems are SO much more complex.


We do create that little thing called LIFE after all.


There's a lot that can go wrong there if we're under assault 24-7.


CBD helps to move toxins across the gut lining and out of the body.


It also relaxes the immune response so that our super guards aren't going haywire everywhere in our body (diabetes, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer's, psoriasis, acne, and on and on!)


Check out CBD and oxidative stress to understand why.


A superwoman needs a super detox!

CBD, Please.

Superwoman's Secret to Balance

We want that state of Zen.


Actually, we want to be that Hindu goddess with 20 hands so we can actually get done what's required in the day.


You know how there are certain fleeting windows of time where everything feels right.


There were more of them when we were younger but every now and then, we get a day of it.


Maybe half a day.

If we're lucky, a few days.

That's balance. Homeostasis is the word.


All our hormones and neurotransmitters are at their correct levels.


It's the Goldilocks effect. Not too much..not too little.


That level of balance can be thrown off by stress, bad sleep, bad food, alcohol, etc.


Guess what system is tasked with balancing both the endocrine system (hormones) and nervous system (neurotransmitters)...


You guessed it...the endocannabinoid system.


Its primary function appears to bring homeostasis to these systems.


Check out CBD and estrogen to learn all about our key hormone!


In our world of super requirements, women need this more than ever.


CBD works to supplement the natural endocannabinoids (such as anandamide and 2-AG) in our body when they get depleted.

We're calling the cavalry!


Just in time to save superwoman everywhere!

Superwoman's Secret to Energize Superwoman...we NEED energy!


There's just too much to do in the day (and increasingly the night).


Yes, you need to eat well, watch your hormone levels, and exercise (with all that time on your hands) but there's more to it.


Hormones govern everything from sugar usage, energy balance, and even brown fat maintenance.


CBD is showing positive effects across this pathway including benefits for diabetes, blood sugar levels, and the hormones that govern energy use.


This affects both energy levels and healthy weight management.


Just CBD's effect on brown fat maintenance is enough to stop the tracks!


We'll leave you with quick tidbit (more research here).


Brown fat is good fat.

It burns calories to create heat.


We thought only babies could make brown fat but it turns out adults can as well.

CBD boost brown fat creation.


It's either that or jump in an ice bath.

We'll let you decide which way to go.


You are Superwoman, after all!


Just do us a favor...don't hide this secret from your girlfriends.


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.


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