Should CBD Be Cloudy?

should cbd be cloudy


Not ideally!


We'll explain below as to why.


First, a lay of the land.


There are 100's of CBD brands out there now.


Some are big (and still cloudy) while others are just looking to make money off of the buzz in CBD.


And there is PLENTY of buzz.


This is driven primarily by some pretty amazing research across a range of issues that CBD appears to help with.


You can check out a growing list of CBD benefits here.


People hear from a friend about CBD and decide to try it.


Getting started with CBD is a lot like dating.


You may have to get through some real losers to find the right fit.


We sure had to before crafting IndigoNaturals and that story is here.


That speaks directly to how CBD might smell, taste, and look!


Most people don't understand the different kinds of CBD on the market.


There are primarily two and this alone can make a big difference.


We'll explain below since there are other big considerations with this choice besides just being cloudy.


One final note...Full Spectrum CBD can go bad!


It can get goopy, cloudy, and stinky over time.


It is an organic (as from living material...not pesticide-free) plant material after all.


Let's start there because cloudy CBD is usually a result of this type of CBD.


Difference between Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate for cloudy look

First, some general housekeeping.


CBD itself is a chemical found in the cannabis plan.

When it's extracted out, it usually looks like a white crystalline substance similar to salt or sugar.


In this form, it has no discernable taste, smell, or color.


It is usually added to a base oil:

  • Olive oil
  • Hemp oil
  • MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil)


So for CBD Isolate, the only thing that can look cloudy is the base oil.


Olive oil and hemp oil will go bad faster since they have organic, plant material in there.


They also tend to be darker and cloudier in general.


They will likely get more cloudy after the bottle is opened.

Check out our Will CBD go Bad or How to Store CBD articles on this.


MCT oil is an extraction of simple fats from coconut oil.


This will last the longest and should have a very clear appearance and generally little if any taste or smell.


MCT oil also lasts the longest of the 3 base oils.


Generally, CBD Isolate oil is not where we have an issue with cloudiness.


It's Full Spectrum.


Can Full Spectrum CBD Oil look Cloudy?



In fact, right out of the initially opened bottle, the oil will be darker and more viscous.


It can appear cloudy.

Why is this?


There's a lot more of the plant material in the bottle from the hemp plant.


It usually has a dark green color and and a much thicker consistency.

The taste and smell can also be pretty strong.


In fact, for many people, this is a deal-breaker.


Most brands out there push Full Spectrum CBD.


They claim it works better and tend to fall back on the "entourage effect".


Unfortunately, all the research is on CBD itself (Isolate essentially).


Not Full Spectrum.

Until we see research (and we've looked at 100's of NIH studies), we have to go with CBD Isolate.


There's another big issue with full spectrum that's relevant for 40-60% of the population.




People will allergy and histamine issues will likely respond poorly to the extra plant material in Full Spectrum CBD.


All the things that make it cloudy!


It's like throwing ragweed in a blender and adding oil


Okay...maybe not that severe but it's common sense that taking in a bunch of plant material that is breaking down (hence the cloudy) into the body is not going to be great for allergies and histamines.


Call us crazy!


You can learn all about CBD and histamines here.


Let's introduce one more consideration.


Bad CBD brands and oil!


The Wild West of CBD (cloudy at best)

What we discussed above is in regards to reputable CBD brands that actually have CBD in them and are 3rd party tested for safety.


If a CBD product doesn't show its 3rd party testing or specify how much CBD is in the product…


Run for the hills!


Or just don't take the product.


Little less extreme than the hills thing.


Look...everyone and their mother is putting CBD in products.

CBD is amazing but there's a lot of bad stuff out there.


If CBD is cloudy, that's not a great sign.

Even for full spectrum!


We've tested a few really big brands (biggest really) and their product was very green and very cloudy.


That's a function of how they're processing the plant material.

They're basically taking industrial hemp (with under .3% THC legally), grinding it up, and adding oil and hopefully a designated amount of CBD.


That's a big brand!


We can't even speak for all the bogus products coming out of China.


Buyer beware.


That's why we only source from Colorado or Kentucky for organically grown industrial hemp with the cleanest CO2 extraction method.


We then 3rd party test to be free of:

  • Solvents
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Bacteria
  • Mold


This is an absolute minimum in our books!


We also focus on CBD Isolate only and for good reason.


A good 40-60% of the population is not going to respond well to the plant material and/or THC in the full spectrum oil which is being pushed EVERYWHERE!


This gets worse for women and worse yet for women over age 40!


To answer your question, CBD oil should not be cloudy.

IndigoNaturals CBD oil is not cloudy.


  • Hello Sheila! Our CBD is THC free. You can check out the 3rd party testing with cannabinoid break out on each product page. More on why we focus on CBD Isolate here: Thanks!

  • So are you saying that your product doe NOT have the .03% THC (legally) in it?
    Unfortunately I think I’m liking that part in my CBD. Been looking for a diff company because my reg one does sell anything higher than 1000 mg.

    Sheila Ottino

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