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IndigoNaturals Affiliate link and partner program


We are excited to have partners that work with us synergistically towards the same goal- to provide quality products to our customers.  Our partner program was created to help Indigo Naturals grow as well as provide opportunity for our partners to earn revenue.   


The Indigo Naturals Partner Program is Simple.  Register on our website (Below) and share the assigned custom partner link to your customers.  We can't wait to see you grow with us as you talk about us on your social media sites, blogs, websites and emails. 

Please remember that when providing information to your customers that we are not a drug or medicine and therefore can not make any medical claims.  Our partners must adhere to the FDA guidelines.

The Indigo Naturals Partner Program is purely a partner-affiliate program.  Our partners will earn directly from sales linked to your partner link. 


Partner Program FAQ's

How to Become a Indigo Naturals Partner

Apply to be a partner on our website below.  Once approved we will send you a partner link that will track any sales made through your specific link.  You may use this partner link on your website, social media accounts,blogs, podcasts, email marketing.  
We ship the products directly to the customers.

What is the partner commission rate?

Our partner commission rate is 30%.

When do Partners Get Paid

Indigo Naturals Partners will be paid on a monthly basis at the end of the following month.  

How will I be paid?

We pay our partners via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Is there a Partner Referral Incentive?

We do not provide a incentive for partners that refer new partners to our program.

Is there a Maximum Earning Amount?

No, we are happy to pay you for all of your earnings with us.

Who will provide the customer support for purchases made on Partner Websites?

We will handle all customer support directly with each customer.  Customers can email us at

International Sales and Shipping

Currently, Indigo Naturals can only ship within the United States.

How long do the site cookies last?

We have a generous cookie policy and will provide a 30 day window to track affiliate conversions.  If a consumers clicks on your affiliate link and purchases from Indigo Naturals within 30 days, we will pay partner commissions.  

Enquire about wholesale pricing and options for recurring sales.

How can I change my account information?

Log in to your partner account to make any changes to your account.  If you change your website, you will need to reapply as a partner.  

I registered on the website, how will I know if I have been approved?

We review each application and will provide notification of approval or denial generally within 24 hours of submission.  Once approved, we will send you an email with log in instructions to the partner portal.

Can the partnership agreement be cancelled or terminated?

We review all partner accounts periodically and reserve the right to cancel a partnership for any reason at anytime.

Requirements to become a Indigo Naturals Partner

Anyone can apply to become a partner, however we reserve the right to deny those that do not meet our standards of representation.   We reserve the right to terminate a partner at any time for any reason.  We have basic standards that we ask our partners to comply with:

1.  Partners may not make any medical claims related to Indigo Naturals products.  As Indigo Naturals must comply with FDA regulations and policies, Partners must also comply. 

2.  Partners must disclose on their websites that they are "partners" (affiliates) in compliance with the FTC and GDPR.  

Partners will need to be GDPR compliant and must follow the standards set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

  • Clear and Conspicuous- the partner/affiliate disclosure must be big enough for the consumers to read
  • Presentation- The disclosure must be stated in a easy to understand manner
  • Placement- The disclosure must be on the website where a customer is likely to see it. Must be located as close to the affiliate links or recommendations as possible (do not bury it in the terms and conditions or about us pages)

    For a complete guide on affiliate disclosure compliance, we have linked the  FTC Guidelines for partners to reference.



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