CBD User Guide

How to use CBD Oil

You can use Indigo Naturals CBD oil on humans applying to skin topically or orally.  You can also use our CBD Oils with your pets.

  • Shake well.
  • Fill the dropper to the desired amount.
  • Suggested ways to use:
    • Use dropper to drop directly under your tongue and hold there for 30-40 seconds, then swallow.
    • To use topically, add drops of CBD oil to your creams or in a bath.
    • Add your desired amount of CBD oil to beverages or food.

How much CBD should I use

Sublingual application is considered one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD (around 30 minutes), when you take it this way it is absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue. Using CBD tincutre oil this way is one of the more popular becuase you can have consistent, controlled dosing.

Some suggested dosage amounts:

Dosage will vary person to person.  A suggested amount to try when you start is about 25-30mg per day and you can adjust up or down until you achieve your desired effects.

  • 500mg bottle= 33.3mg per ml= 1.5mg per drop
  • 1000mg bottle 66.6 mg per ml=3.0mg per drop

*Please consult your physician before taking any nutritional supplements.  Be sure to consult your physician if you are pregnant, have a medical condtion or take prescription drugs.  Keep out of reach of childern.

The Legal Stuff

CBD products are not approved by the FDA for use as a diagnosis, cur, treatment or prevention of disease.  We do not make any claims about the effacy of our products to treat or cure any diesease or medical conditions.

Our products and information that we make available are not intended to be a medical diagnosis or medical treatment for any disease, our information and products are offered to provide information on the choices around supplemental nutritional support for health concernts.  The information we provide should be interpreted as medical advice or instruction. The FDA reminds you to seek advice of a physician before addion any nutritional supplements to your diet.