Zero THC CBD Available Online - Why it Matters

why zero thc CBD products are so important


You have to be careful about wording.


There are many brands that talk about having no THC but they're using sleight of hand.


THC under the legal limit is very different from zero THC!


We'll explain why below but one will cause you to fail a drug test (guess which one).


There are also many reasons why people are looking for zero THC CBD and we'll touch on that as well.


In fact, a good percentage of the population is essentially allergic to THC!


The "side effects" of CBD usually come from the plant material and/or the THC present in the legal product on the market.


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Here are the topics we'll cover: 

  • Can you get zero THC CBD oil?
  • People allergic to THC
  • Drug test for zero THC CBD
  • The tolerance effect of THC 
  • The key difference between THC and CBD
  • The best zero THC CBD product online


Let's get started!

Can you get zero THC CBD oil? 



All our oils have zero THC in them.


In fact, their CBD isolate (CBD by itself) and a base MCT (from organic coconuts) oil.


Just 2 ingredients.


You can find our 3rd party testing results at the top of every page which shows the entire cannabinoid breakdown which reflects all CBD (and CBDA - the precursor to CBD) and zero THC.


None.  Zilch.  Zero.  


Keep in mind that many products available legally on the market have up to .3% THC under the definition of legal hemp.


This is a small amount but no zero.  


Why does this matter?


We've done deep dives on THC versus CBD, why CBD is a must if you use THC, and even the downside of high THC product but some key points!

People allergic to THC 

Many people find that they have bad reactions to CBD products.


This is almost invariably due to full-spectrum products and reactions to it (plant material and THC).


Roughly 40-60% of the population has histamine issues (the chemical behind allergies).


This number goes up as you get older and for women (thanks for leaving, progesterone!).


What's interesting is this...75% of these people are allergic to THC!


Those are the people who don't have good reactions to cannabis.


We have people who reach out to us because CBD products are actually causing anxiety!


That's the opposite of all the research (see CBD and anxiety) but here's the deal…


The research is all on CBD isolate!   


We originally tried 3-4 of the biggest CBD brands and had similar reactions.


Histamine is excitatory in the brain and gut.


Test our CBD with the first50 discount code for 50% of the first order.


It's a complete game-changer if you've had any issues with CBD.


THC is part of this equation as the body is violently trying to get rid of it (the whole purpose of histamine to begin with!) 


Okay...but does the .3% level in most full or broad-spectrum CBD products actually matter?


Apparently, it does per drug tests.

Drug test for zero THC CBD 

We covered this in our CBD and drug test article but here's the net net…


You can fail a drug test even with the legally allowed levels of THC (.3%).


It's cumulative and this small amount adds up over time.


Enough to where a drug test will detect the THC and cause a positive result.


This is important to why we want zero THC CBD products to begin with.


If it's building up over time, then we have to look at the biggest difference between CBD and THC.

The key difference between THC and CBD 

They may be cousins in the cannabis plant but as with most cousins, they couldn't be more different.


It's all about direction.


CBD works as a feedback mechanism in key pathways around the body.


Check out how CBD works for more detail.


The key point is supports these pathways when low but not when adequate or high!


This can cause different responses depending on the state of the system.


One powerful example with oxidative stress and cancer: 

  • Healthy cell with high inflammation - CBD reduces inflammation
  • Healthy cell with low inflammation - CBD has no effect
  • Cancerous or virally infected cell - CBD INCREASES inflammation


Three different states - three different results.


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What's with the 3rd one??


Jacking up oxidative stress is how our immune system naturally kills wayward cells!


Chemo and radiation are just massive doses of oxidative stress but CBD only caused that in dysfunctional cells...not surrounding tissue.


GABA (target of benzos) is more accessible example.


GABA supports calm and sleep.  When running low (anxiety, insomnia), CBD will boost it.


It's called a positive allosteric modulator of GABA.


However, it doesn't keep boosting it one direction the way benzos or even alcohol will.


That's why CBD is not sedative-like benzos.


It's also where there's no known overdose death from CBD.


THC is very different.


THC mimics a natural substance called anandamide which is called our "bliss" molecule.


The problem is that THC boosts this pathway (CB1 receptors) in one direction...up up up!


You can overshoot with this mechanism and that's the known side effects from too much THC.


Anxiety. Paranoia.  Psychosis.  Again...much higher levels.


The point is that it pushes many key pathways in one direction...down!


THC works like a big wet blanket across many powerful networks: 

  • Neurotransmitters
  • Immune function
  • Gut function


Here's the issue with one-direction actors like THC.



The tolerance effect of THC versus CBD 

The body and brain don't like when key pathways are pushed in one direction from outside influences.


It's striving for balance.


With longer-term use, it starts to push back!


In the case of THC, it will actually reduce the number and sensitivity of CB1 receptors (where anandamide operates).


This means you're losing more of your natural "bliss" pathway over time!


For example, it's known that more anesthesia is needed for people that routinely use THC to put them under.


Almost every pathway in the body has CB1 activity!


Tolerance is the basis for withdrawals across every drug we're familiar with.


It can take roughly 30 days for the CB1 receptors to come back online.


Granted, the THC in legal CBD products is low but that just means the tolerance effect is slower.


Not gone.


If it can show up on a drug test, it can show up in this mechanism as well.


So...what if we want zero THC CBD oil?

The best zero THC CBD product online 

So here are the basic requirements for good CBD with zero THC: 

  • Organically grown in the US at FDA registered farms
  • CO2 processed
  • 3rd party tested
  • ZERO THC., not .3%.  Not .1%.  Zero and it better be on the 3rd party testing
  • No solvents
  • No pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • No bacteria
  • No mold


Our 3rd party testing is at the top of every page.


We focus on CBD isolate because it matches the research (99% of it is on isolate or CBD by itself).


Most of the market is pushing full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD not realizing that 40-60% of the population might have histamine responses to all that plant material.


Then there's affordability.


We price our 6000 mg bottles at 2-3 cents per mg of CBD before discounts up to 50%.


We originally found CBD due to a brutal perimenopause so if we can help people reduce similar suffering, we want to make it affordable.


We're not anti-cannabis….we just can handle THC well and there are millions of people in the same boat.  


There needs to be an option for them as well to support their health with CBD isolate!


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.


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