Your CBD is Not Working and Here's Why

Your CBD is not working and here is why


It makes us very frustrated.


Bordering on angry!


People will try CBD and get nothing out of it. 


Worst yet, they will have side effects or not feel great on it.


That doesn't make sense.


There's all this research about how CBD can positively affect so many aspects of our health:

  • Inflammation
  • Immune response (including autoimmune)
  • Mood and Mental health
  • Energy and Rest
  • Sleep and Focus
  • Skin and Hair
  • Obesity


The list keeps growing.


Addiction. Check. (see CBD and addiction)

Diabetes. Check


CBD is appearing everywhere!


I mean everywhere.


Here's how it usually goes...


Most people hear about it from a friend.


"You have to try CBD. I don't sleep without it!".


So you decide to give it a shot.

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You probably just try the brand your friend uses.


Maybe you go online and find a brand that seems less sketchy than the others.


Lot's of promise about quality and safety.


"We're the best!" from multiple brands which makes me wonder what their definition of "best" is.


You get the CBD in the mail and you're excited but nervous to try it.


Last night was a bad night's sleep after all.


You could use some help.


So you're nervous.


"Is this safe?"


CBD is new to many people (but not for long).


There's a natural "go-slow" approach which is completely understandable.


Check out how many mgs of CBD to take.


We all did this.


For a while anyway.


You try a dropper of CBD and put it under your tongue.


"Is it working?"


10 minutes go by.


"Is it working NOW?"


You look for signs...scanning your body.


Not much going except a little scratchiness in your throat.


Maybe a little stomach irritation.


That's not what we're going for.


You eventually stop using it after a few days and THAT's your CBD story.


There are many reasons that this same story will play out for millions of Americans that try CBD over the next few years.


Some will get lucky.


But many will not...on first try anyway.


Let's look at the usual suspects so we get a better ending to this story.


Here's the top list of why CBD isn't working for you! (and him and her and them...and…):

  • The amount of CBD you are taking is not enough
  • The CBD in your product is barely there
  • Full-spectrum CBD might be causing you problems


Let's look at each


A story in four chapters.

Chapter 1 - The amount of CBD you are taking is not enough

This is the most common issue.


People are nervous about CBD.

They try a little and expect to lose their #$*%.


There's still a strong association with marijuana and the high of CBD's cousin, THC.


CBD isn't psychoactive that way.


In fact, research is showing its ability to counter THC's high.


Check out CBD versus THC here.


Many people will try just a little.


Yes, it's smart to start slow and see how your body reacts but keep in mind.


Much of the research on health issues is at 300-600 mgs doses.


Doses up to 1500 mg have been researched with a strong safety profile.

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CBD for sleep research showed doses of 160 mg were needed to create an effect.


Here's how this chapter usually plays out from lots of experience (both personal and professional):

  • You start at around 15-25 mgs and notice a small effect
  • You then creep it up to 200-250 mgs after about 1 month and notice a stronger effect
  • You settle around 300mg and have no reservations because you feel so much better


You start to threaten your family members if they take any of your CBD - real territorial War of the Roses stuff.


Oh...that's my family.


This brings us the next reason that your CBD might not be working.


Most of the CBD out there is garbage.

Chapter 2  - The amount of CBD in many brands is nonsense

Every cheeseball and their mother has a CBD wonder elixir coming out.


Your local coffee barista will become a CBD aficionado (keeping with the Italian bent).


Don't get us started on the various skincare creams.


CBD this. CBD that.

CBD baby formula.

Okay...that's a stretch...but only for so long (to keep us out of FDA jail, CBD is not recommended for babies, children, pregnant women, or mothers-in-law).


That being said, there's a lot of bad CBD products out there.

The main things are just way too little CBD.


If you see a 1-ounce bottle with 250 CBD, you might as well just buy coconut oil and cut out the middleman.


It's pointless.


A little back of the napkin math and we realize that's about 8 mgs of CBD per full dropper!


I hope you like your coconut or hemp seed oil.


What drives us crazy is how much they're charging for this junk.


They're just trying to make a buck by taking advantage of people new to CBD.


You need at least:

  • 1000 mgs of verified CBD per 1 ounce (30 ml) of oil
  • 500 mgs of verified CBD per 1 ounce (30 ml) of balm/cream


If they don't tell you right on the bottle how much CBD is in there, run don't walk.


Don't pay for their second home.


We have a whole section on comparing CBD costs to get the best price per mg of CBD>


There's another reason CBD isn't working for some people.

Chapter 3 - Full spectrum CBD might be causing you problems

We have a full article on this but here's skinny of it.


Roughly 40% of the US population (higher % of women), have histamine issues. 

Most don't even know it.


Does bread, beer, dairy, pollen, nuts, or fermented food leave you itchy, scratchy, or about to come out of your skin?


Welcome to the club.


Plant material probably isn't going to feel to good on your system.


That's why we use only CBD isolate.


CBD isolate gets processed down to a white crystalline substance.


Isolate oil is clear.


Full Spectrum has a lot of other hemp plant material in it.


For people with histamine issues, the reaction to that plant material might offset the benefit of CBD (which is showing great promise with allergic symptoms).


That's the opposite direction of where we're trying to go!


Also, full-spectrum can legally have up to .3% THC.


Not everyone deals well with THC so CBD with zero amount of THC is also attractive.


We have a whole comparison of CBD isolate and full spectrum.


Again, check out the article above if you have any allergy issues.

Chapter 4 - There's a lot of bad stuff out there in many CBD brands

We just want CBD.


That's what all the research is based on!


It surely doesn't include butane!!




Yes, there are many things we want to MAKE SURE are not present in our CBD:

  • Solvents
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • THC


If a company doesn't publish its 3rd party testing for these items, that's very sketchy to us.


And potentially dangerous to you!


Again, there are way too many people rushing to make money on CBD.


Their interest is not in helping people.


It's in helping themselves.


That's true for every industry but when people read about the pretty amazing CBD research, they may be desperate for relief.


There is possible relief with CBD but only if we have the best quality CBD.

Make sure they publish their 3rd party testing or look the other way.


Speaking of which….


Indigo Naturals was designed with a simple goal.


We want you to be happier.




Read our story on how we had to navigate our healthcare system and eventually stumbled on CBD.


Hopefully, we have educated on:

  • How much CBD to take
  • How much CBD your oil or balm should have
  • What your CBD should not have in it
  • The importance of pure CBD isolate with allergy issues


You can try the base level 1000 mg CBD isolate oil as a test through the store here:


Please let us know your results so we can help others.

The end!

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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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