Will CBD Help Me Last Longer?

can cbd help you last longer
We're going to avoid all the salesy pitch and dive into research on this question.


We've gone through a great deal at our CBD and premature ejaculation but let's look at CBD's effects on lasting longer in layman's terms.


No pun on choice of words there.


There's actually an interesting connection between CBD and the standard medication used for premature ejaculation.


Unfortunately, that medication has a very low continuation rate due to pretty nasty side effects.


But...it does give us a clue of how to last longer and CBD just happens to operate in that pathway.


We're talking about roughly 30-70% of men under the age of 40!


This is a huge deal!


I actually got caught stealing at a local CVS (or whatever the equivalent was back then).  The only time caught by security.


They called my mom in.


What did I steal?


Was it alcohol?  Was it condoms?


No.  It was desensitizing stay-hard lube.


I'm not kidding...one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.


The funny thing is that I wasn't even sexually active yet and still, I ALREADY had fear about lasting longer!


That was a very quiet and long walk out to the car with my mom.


At 13, I had no idea what drove this whole process so let's get into it.


We'll cover these topics: 

  • What causes some men to last longer
  • The serotonin angle to lasting longer
  • CBD versus SSRI's for lasting longer
  • Can CBD help me last longer in bed
  • How much CBD to take and when to take it for lasting longer
  • What's the best CBD to for lasting longer
  • Best supplements for lasting longer


Lots to cover.

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Let's take our time though!

What causes some men to last longer 

Look...almost all primates ejaculate immediately upon entry.


The PornHub "reality" is far from it.


That being said, there are big differences in how long men can stay in bed.




Obviously, there are many factors that go into something as complicated as sexuality but physiological effects are also in play.


Even genetics!

The researchers say evidence that premature ejaculation has a hereditary component has already been established in twin studies, which found genetic effects accounted for around 30% of the variance in premature ejaculation. 



Studies are pointing to two tantalizing neurotransmitters. 


Dopamine and Serotonin.


Researchers have known about serotonin for a while (we'll touch on this below) but the dopamine angle is interesting.


Dopamine is also becoming a target for premature ejaculation.


In fact, a gene for dopamine activity (DAT1) has been tied to lasting longer.

There was also a significant association between the 10R10R genotype and the men’s composite score. 



Men may have a genetically preset IETL.


IETL is a technical talk for how long a man can last after penetration.


That doesn't mean this time is fixed.


In fact, it tends to go up as we get older.


Here's the interesting piece for us to understand before going forward: 

Dopamine and serotonin are essential neurotransmitters; dopamine promotes seminal emission and ejaculation via D2 receptors, while serotonin is inhibitory via the serotonin receptors (5-HT). 



Essentially, too much dopamine or too little serotonin may be mechanisms by which the genetic set point above is dialed in.


Researchers are seeing that by boosting dopamine, they can actually elicit premature ejaculation: 

Since doses of DA agonists needed to produce "premature ejaculation" are within the low dose range needed to stimulate DA autoreceptors, it is suggested that "premature ejaculation" in rats results from inhibition of DA neurotransmission.  



Let's start with serotonin because it's really fascinating (and something we can affect).

Does serotonin make you last longer in bed 

Serotonin is generally called the "feel good" neurotransmitter but it's so much more!


It's a major communicator in the brain and gut.


It also has direct control over various elements of sexuality.


We'll start with the crazy study on mice and serotonin.


It's made huge headlines everywhere.


Researchers used various tools to either block or enhance serotonin function.


Male mice tend to mount female mice 90% of the time given the chance.


They mount male mice almost never.


When serotonin was reduced, male mice mounted either male or female mice 100% of the time!


Of course, the headlines were "researchers turn mice gay with serotonin" but that's not exactly the case.


What they did do was significantly increase sex drive.  Hypersexuality.  Anything goes!


This is too much serotonin.


On the other side, when serotonin levels are high, sex drive drops.


In fact, low libido is a known side effect of SSRI's which boost serotonin.


There's a theory that men who have trouble lasting longer may have too much sensitivity or hypersexuality.


This definitely speaks to younger men!


This brings up our next section...if SSRI's increase serotonin and reduce the sexual response, could have an effect lasting longer in bed?

Can SSRI's make you last longer in bed 

SSRIs essentially boost serotonin level and a side effect of this is to reduce premature ejaculation.


Albeit, with the potential for side effects.


The other issue is that eventually, the brain "normalizes" and offsets the effects of SSRI's (see CBD to wean off SSRI's).


They were even harder for us to get off than benzos (which lead to CBD eventually).


 Back to the serotonin pathway.


So...let's cut to the chase...what's the effect of SSRI's on lasting longer in well-designed trials: 

Mean patient rating of Control Over Ejaculation as fair, good, or very good increased from 2.8% at baseline to 51.8% and 58.4% at study end with dapoxetine 30 and 60 mg, respectively. 



In terms of time… 

Dapoxetine increased intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT) from 0.91 minutes at baseline to 2.78 and 3.32 minutes at the study end with dapoxetine 30 and 60 mg respectively. 



Of course, the worry of premature ejaculation can itself initiate issues so moving the dial the other way may have a long term effect as well.


There is an effect to note though: 

In the variously reported studies, the IELT is increased between twofold and eightfold with the use of SSRI. 



Here's the rub.


SSRI's don't come without baggage.


Serotonin has its hands in so many different pies across the brain and nervous system.


Check out CBD versus SSRI's to understand just how many pies.


What it does establish is this.


We may be able to last longer in bed if: 

  • We can support serotonin function which reduces sexual sensitivity
  • We can balance dopamine function which slows initiation of ejaculation


Those are big asks.  Big Pharma spends billions of dollars every year trying to get there.

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Can we borrow from evolution with the cannabis plant and its extract, CBD?

Can CBD help me last longer in bed 

We'll leave the effects of CBD on performance anxiety and even CBD for social anxiety to those reviews.


Let's look specifically at serotonin and dopamine for lasting longer in bed.



Dopamine causes excitation of the ejaculatory neuroaxis, and inhibition occurs by serotonin and nitric oxide. 



SSRI's have a known effect of prolonging how long men can last but with side effects and with reducing effect as the brain goes the other way.


First, what about CBD and serotonin for lasting longer?


We'll look to studies on depression which is the primary reason SSRIs are prescribed (premature ejaculation is actually an off-label reason).

Results showed that CBD (10 mg/kg), FLX (10 mg/kg) and DES (5 mg/kg) induced antidepressant-like effects in mice submitted to FST. I. 



Just in case you're wondering, FLX is fluoxetine or Paxil...a popular SSRI.


The summary of this effect:


Desipramine (DES) affects the noradrenergic system.


The antidepressant-like effect induced by Cannabidiol is dependent on brain serotonin levels.


Does CBD just boost serotonin the way SSRI's do?


This would result in our brain dropping naturally-made serotonin to offset this artificial boost which is bad.


It's the whole process behind addiction and withdrawal (see CBD and addiction here).


CBD's effect on serotonin is more nuanced since it's working in the endocannabinoid system.

Repeated treatment with CBD (5 mg/kg/day, subcutaneously [s.c.], for 7 days) increased 5-HT firing through desensitization of 5-HT1A receptors. 



Ah-ha!  It doesn't just boost serotonin levels.


It actually makes the receptors for serotonin for receptive!


This is critical and explains why we don't see the overdoses and serious side effects with CBD.


If you boost serotonin too much (called Serotonin Syndrome), it can be deadly.


Before that point, there can be nasty side effects.


Check out CBD for serotonin syndrome here.


CBD, on the other hand, has been tested to very high levels and does not show these elevated serotonin side effects.


Again, it boosts the function of serotonin...the pathway.  Not just the level!


You'll see lots of terms in research like "modulate" or "normalize" in addition to increasing function.


Premature ejaculation may be a result of too low serotonin!!


This has implications across many other factors such as anxiety, depression, gut health, etc.


What about dopamine?


Dopamine, the "do it again" neurotransmitter is part of our reward system.


Remember how too much dopamine can lead to premature ejaculation.


Dopamine function is an incredibly powerful and delicate system.


If it's not operating correctly (high or low), there are serious results such as schizophrenia. 


This makes it incredibly difficult for Big Pharma to find tools here.


What about CBD?


This gets to the beauty of the endocannabinoid system which designed to balance or find homeostasis in other key systems including our nervous system.


Researchers looked specifically at CBD for dopamine function: 

The data in Figure 1 show that cannabidiol had a biphasic action in competing against [3H]domperidone at the brain dopamine D2 receptors. 



Biphasic is the key there.  It means two different effects depending on the situation. 

  • If dopamine was too high, it actually inhibited function.
  • If dopamine was too low, it boosted function.


Look, we don't want to last 10 seconds but having low dopamine is just as bad.


No sex drive.  No erection.  No sex.


See how important balancing is for lasting longer!


If you look at the chart below, the anti-psychotic drugs tested alongside just keep driving dopamine down and down. 



CBD reaches a threshold and then flatlines.


It then goes the other way: 

In fact, it was reported 20 that cannabidiol behaved as an antagonist in the micromolar concentration range.


You really have to look at CBD and schizophrenia to see just how powerful it's effects are.


We just looked at the two main pathways of lasting longer that we can actually affect (aside from getting older and less "sensitive").


Also, check out CBD and performance anxiety or CBD and social anxiety.


Both are powerful avenues to look at for lasting longer.


Really look at the social anxiety article for this reason: 

PE was highly associated (p=0.015) with social phobia (SP), with an odds ratio of 2.55.  



PE is premature ejaculation. 


In fact, social anxiety may come first!   

The debut of SP preceded the onset of PE.


The study on CBD and public speaking (just a tad more scary than actual sex) is incredibly powerful and gives us guidance in the next section.

How much CBD to take and when to take it for lasting longer 

First, make sure to test CBD at about 25-30 mg.  


The issue with many brands of CBD out there is that they have very low levels.


To begin with, we probably have to go higher for lasting longer.


The public speaking study for people with social anxiety (the best proxy for lasting longer in bed) was a one time dose of 600 mg.


That's a high number but it's probably the ceiling.


A test at about 100 mg to 300 mg before sex is probably the range to look at based on research across anxiety-related issues.


Especially, performance anxiety.


When should we take it?


If sex may be sooner rather than later, you can hold the CBD under your tongue for up to 60 seconds.


This speeds its availability to about 10-15 minutes.


Otherwise, peak CBD is usually around 4 hours after ingesting so maybe before going out for the night.


For longer-term, systemic use, you can probably look at lower levels daily to help balance the serotonin and dopamine systems.


Of course, mindful meditation and exercise are huge for serotonin function (see CBD, serotonin, and exercise for anxiety here).


This brings up another key question.

What's the best CBD to for lasting longer 

CBD Isolate is important since allergies and histamines can result from all the plant material in full-spectrum.


Check out CBD isolate versus full spectrum for anxiety to understand why we don't want this extra load on our system.


Also, we don't exactly want to smell and taste like hemp before sex.


Our CBD is pure CBD isolate (has no smell or taste) and MCT oil (coconut extract) which has a coconut sweetness about it.


Just two ingredients...which makes it a great lubricant as well (see CBD and orgasm here).


The basics still apply: 

  • Organically grown in the US at an FDA registered farm
  • CO2 processed (cleanest option)
  • 3rd party tested for:
  • No THC
  • No pesticides
  • No heavy metals
  • No bacteria
  • No mold


We abide by all of this at IndigoNaturals.


After all, our entire family uses the product including our two teenagers!


What about topical versus oral?


Yes, you can apply the oil as a lubricant since it's only two ingredients.  


Since the systems we discussed above are systemic (deep in the old brain and the spinal cord), it's probably best to use the oil and hold under the tongue up to 60 seconds before swallowing.


CBD will partially block or smooth out THC (see CBD versus THC for anxiety) and will likely not interact with alcohol aside from the hangover part since CBD is a powerful antioxidant.

Best supplements for lasting longer 

Look...there's lots of snake oil out there.


Anyone and everyone is selling something.


That's why we rely on research.


Unless researchers show effect on serotonin and dopamine systems, we're not sure how they would work.


The other tools usually revolve around reducing sensitivity such as with Lidocaine (the infamous theft in my youth).


The problem is that studies actually showed little effect on IELT from desensitizing or condom use:

The median IELT value was not affected by condom use or circumcision status.  



Just an FYI.  This is more primitive and involves the "reptilian" brain.


What about some actual research.


Magnesium and premature ejaculation


Studies are showing a tie in and most of us don't have enough mag to begin with.  


This is especially true if you have migraines (with aura).  See CBD and migraines here.


I use magnesium glycinate daily to prevent migraines.  Purchase here


As for lasting longer in bed and magnesium: 

There were normal serum and semen levels of all the elements in the three groups, but significantly lower seminal plasma magnesium levels in men with premature ejaculation.  



It's thought that reduced magnesium affects NO (nitrous oxide) levels which is directly related to ejaculation times...not to mention the ability to get an erection.


Zinc, testosterone, and premature ejaculation. 

Purchase here


Zinc is incredibly important for testosterone which is our primary male, steroidal hormone (as if you don't already know that).


We conclude that zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men.



Why is testosterone important for serotonin and its effect on lasting longer in bed?

We found that testosterone, but not estradiol, correlated negatively with global 5-HT4R levels (p=0.02) suggesting that men with high levels of testosterone have higher cerebral serotonergic tonus. 



More testosterone = more serotonin function.


So magnesium, zinc, avoid excess estrogen (plastics, fast food containers, etc) and exercise.


Of course, CBD as we explained above for spot and systemic uses.


Be well out there.  Make sure to check out our complete review of CBD and premature ejaculation here.

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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.



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