Why We Write The Way We Do (besides sheer torture)


We have some explaining to do before you say one more nasty thing at the screen.  

Yes, the writing style is…ahem..."unique".  

We're knee-deep in NIH studies every day and we found that when presenting the info in your standard block format, people would leave the page…eyes glazed over.  

We tested a more conversational approach with lots of white space and a format to make the information flow along better.  

People got through much more more of the content!  50% more!

Hopefully you appreciate the depth of our research but it's really important that laypeople can also learn about these key pathways in their bodies!  

Everyone deserves to feel better.  So bear with us.  Forgive us.  And curse away!!  

That being said...any complaining and we switch the whole kit and kaboodle to Comic Sans….




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