Why THC-Free CBD Gummies Matter and Where to Find Them

No THC CBD gummies


For many people, gummies are an easy and fun way to get the benefits of CBD.


We've covered in detail how CBD works in the body here but the various CBD oils are not always convenient to use.  


They can also be messy and have a taste that's off-putting to some people!


There's also the question of THC...at any level in gummies.


We have a huge review of THC versus CBD here (very different animals) but we'll touch base on those below.


Finally, most of the gummies on the market do not match research in terms of levels.


Combine that with the cost per mg of CBD and many options are just rip-offs.


Let's combine some research with a dose of practical to look at why THC-free gummies are the way to go.


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We'll cover these areas: 

  • Why THC-free matters in your gummy
  • Getting enough CBD in a gummy
  • Affordable THC-free gummies by the real measure (cost per mg of CBD)
  • Other ingredients matter in a THC-free gummy
  • The best THC-free gummy


Let's get started!

Why THC-free matters in your gummy 

First, we need to get a lay of the land.


Legally, a CBD product can have up to .3% THC and still be sold in the US.


You may think...well, that's not that much.


Sure, if you have one gummy.  But the effect is cumulative and it's enough to make you fail a drug test!


More importantly, if CBD is part of your ongoing wellness program, THC builds tolerance!


A quick intro is needed.


THC mimics a chemical naturally found in your body/brain called anandamide.


Anandamide is named after the Hindu goddess of bliss, Anand.


Think of it as a natural "high" or just feeling "right".


It also has powerful effects on calming inflammation, stress response, and more.


It's a great balancer in other key systems when they're stretched by any outside stress (infection, stress, trauma, pain, etc).


THC is able to plug into the CB1 receptor similarly to anandamide.


Similar is not identical and that matters!


Anandamide is usually made as needed and quickly broken down (by FAAH).


It's a just-in-time supply chain for stress response.


THC hits much harder and lingers much longer at these receptors.


The body/brain doesn't like this longer-term so it will actually reduce CB1 receptor numbers and activity!


That's the basis of tolerance and yes, THC builds tolerance over time.


This means we're getting less "bliss" pathway longer term.  Not the right direction!


CBD does not build tolerance and is not addictive.  In fact, in many pathways, CBD will counter or calm THC's effects.


CBD does support anandamide function but only when low (not keeping up with stress).


This is very important since we don't introduce tolerance over time.


This also explains why we don't see the cognitive and mood-altering effects from CBD that we get with THC (too much bliss).


There's no free ride in the universe and if you're boosting current bliss, it's at the expense of future bliss. 


Again, check out CBD without THC to learn more.  It's all about tolerance!


So...CBD isolate (CBD by itself) fits the bill for longer-term wellness and even mental health (See CBD and mental health).


It's hard finding CBD isolate (no THC) gummies.


We focused on CBD isolate gummies to address this need for people who really know the research.


There's also the histamine issue.


40-60% of the population has histamine issues and that number goes up as we get older and for women (thanks for leaving, progesterone!).


75% of these people are allergic to THC so roughly 30-40% of the population.


This may explain why some people have bad reactions to cannabis.


Full and broad-spectrum CBD products can have small amounts of THC as well as many other plant-based chemicals that can trigger histamine response.


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Basically, allergic reactions including stomach issues, inability to sleep, and skin irritation.


You likely know if you're in this camp!


Again, that's why we focus on CBD isolate.


Then comes the second issue we see with gummies on the market.

Getting enough CBD in a gummy 

Most gummies hover around the 5-10mg per gummy level.


That's fine but research is pointing to ranges from 50-300mg and even higher.


Sleep was clocked at about 160mg.  40-50mg is generally a wellness level or to support stress response when things are hectic.


300mg is the daily peak level for neurogenesis, the key behind mental health and addiction.


Good luck getting close to the research at 10mg gummies. 


For that reason, we came out with a 50mg gummy of CBD isolate (no THC).  


Now we're actually getting somewhere.  2 gummies is 100mg and that's a pretty good dose.


Remember that CBD does not sedate or affect cognitive skills (see CBD and performance anxiety or can you take CBD in the middle of the day).


With 50 mg gummies, we can actually get the benefits that are spelled out in research.


Then, there's the question of cost.

Affordable THC-free gummies by the real measure (cost per mg of CBD) 

There are many rip-off products on the market.


Extremely expensive CBD gummies with very marginal levels and quality.


The key way to determine real value is cost per mg of CBD with gummies.


For example, if we have 300mg of total CBD in a bottle (let's say 30 gummies at 10mg each) and the cost is $60, that's twenty cents per mg of CBD.


Expensive.  Our oils run 2-6 cents before discounts up to 50%.


Our 50mg CBD gummy without THC is $60 (before discounts).  


That's 4 cents per mg of CBD!  About ⅕ the cost of most gummies on the market (some with THC and other questionable ingredients).


Which brings us to the next section.  This is going in our bodies after all!

Other ingredients matter in a THC-free gummy 

Hopefully, it's obvious by the 1 million-plus words of research review that we take health seriously.


That goes right down to our product selection including CBD isolate and organic base ingredients.


Our gummies are no different.  The other ingredients are all organic and avoid artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


Even our flavoring is from organic fruit juice!


If you can't read the ingredient, it's best not to put in your body.


We do a lot of research on gut health and microbiome (see CBD and gut inflammation or CBD and probiotics for anxiety).


In these, we have covered the effects of artificial colors, flavors, and pesticides for our gut health and by extraction...our body and brain's health.


We do not want to use ingredients that negatively impact this powerful barometer for body-wide inflammation and health. 


So...what else matters in picking a THC-free gummy?

The best THC-free gummy 

First, we have basic requirements: 

  • From organically grown US hemp at an FDA-registered farm
  • CO2 processed
  • No THC!
  • No heavy metals
  • No solvents
  • No pesticides
  • No bacteria
  • No mold


Those are deal-breakers and we test every product with the results linked to at the top of every page.


We covered the CBD isolate versus full-spectrum piece above (histamine response) but you can learn more about it here.


Finally, we have the cost piece.


We have subscription discounts of up to 40% and various 50% discounts for reviews, referrals, and more.


The goal is simple...make high qualify CBD with zero THC affordable to everyone!


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

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