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Customer feedback is incredibly important in the post-Amazon world.


For this reason, we have partnered with Stamped to allow actual, verified customers to leave reviews specific to the product they purchased.


The individual reviews can be found here by product type…


IndigoNaturals CBD Isolate oil reviews: 

  • 1000mg CBD Isolate w/MCT oil
  • 2000mg CBD Isolate w/MCT oil
  • 6000mg CBD Isolate w/MCT oil


IndigoNaturals CBD Gummies reviews: 

  • 10mg Orange CBD Isolate Gummy
  • 25mg Strawberry CBD Isolate Gummy


IndigoNaturals Topical reviews: 

  • 500mg CBD isolate balm


You'll see the reviews from most recent to oldest as you scroll down.


There will be a "verified buyer" symbol for purchasers who processed through our payment system to verify they actually purchased that product.


This is all handled by Stamped, a trusted 3rd party that works with Shopify (the store for IndigoNaturals).


We look forward to any and all reviews at IndigoNaturals and love it when customers reach out to us directly (chat box is great) at


There's a great deal of research we can send over on many different topics and tools including but not exclusive to CBD. 

Important information you can gleen from Indigonaturals reviews 

The review provides very detailed info that can help with your needs for CBD.


You can focus on the following: 

  • Why people are using IndigoNaturals. What issues?
  • How their response differs from other CBD brands
  • How IndigoNaturals is on pricing versus other brands
  • Any type of practical info like dosage, time taking, etc 

The reviews are also very important resources to learn how other people use CBD and what effects they see.


For example, a huge difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD (see full review here) is histamine response.


Histamine is excitatory in the brain and THC and/or the plant material in full-spectrum can trigger histamine responses.


That's how our founder discovered CBD isolate to begin with (her story is here).


You'll see many references to this same effect in the reviews which makes CBD isolate very different than full-spectrum.


The main reasons people take CBD are for anxiety, sleep, and pain…all of which will not do well with increased histamine response!


More on CBD isolate versus full spectrum here.


The IndigoNatural CBD reviews are important but we need to take them in context with 3rd party testing.


3rd party testing is a must with any CBD product really and we make ours available at the top of every page on the website by product/by batch#.


We actually request a final product test for: 

  • Levels of cannabidiol
  • Zero THC
  • No pesticides
  • No solvents
  • No heavy metals
  • No bacteria
  • No mold


This is in line with our goal for extreme quality at the most affordable cost from organically grown US hemp at an FDA registered farm


The 3rd party testing combined with the IndigoNatural product reviews by type is a 1-2 punch for the consumer.


One final note on the reviews…they're also a great testbed for levels.


The difference in effect between say…the 1000mg bottle and the 6000mg bottle can be quite different.


In fact, the use case is generally quite different.


The 6000mg bottle tends to be purchased by people who have more serious health issues to match the levels shown in actual research.


For example, 300mg daily is noted for peak neurogenesis in studies (see peak neurogenesis CBD dose).


Neurogenesis is the process of brain repair/rebuilding and it's critical for mental health and addiction.


1 dropper of the 6000mg bottle is 200mg. ½ a dropper is 100mg so 3x's that would be the 300mg daily and that works nicely with peak CBD (around 4-6 hours) and taking after meals (so the liver is busy processing fats).


So…someone who is coming off of benzos might not get much help from the 1000mg bottle (about 33mg per dropper).


The product reviews will reflect this as the 6000mg bottle purchasers tend to come from a place of research on more serious issues.


The 1000mg bottle might be more for wellness or lighter issues. It's still positive but a different focus indeed.


Most brands out there are selling very expensive CBD with levels that don't match research.


250-500mg in a bottle is almost nothing in terms of research (160mg was baseline for sleep help) and it's impossible to get there with those products.


Again, the reviews will reflect this difference as you look through the various levels.


For this reason, the 6000mg product is the most reviewed and by far, the most popular (probably 90% of purchases). Again, we really focus on the research.


Combined with discounts up to 50%, (first50 code for first purchase or see Ways to Save), this has been the most popular fit.


We look forward to your reviews on IndigoNaturals and love to get questions from people.


There's tons of research we can send off and go through any and all questions regarding how to get the most out of CBD.


Some interesting areas to learn how we started, what's important, and how to use CBD: 

  • Dre's story - the IndigoNatural origin story (it's a doozy)
  • What exactly is CBD
  • How CBD actually works in the body
  • Top 20 uses for CBD
  • Tips to get the most of CBD


Use the FIRST50 code for 50% off the first purchase and please….review the product!


Reach out to us with any questions…the chatbox generally gets answered (in detail) within 24 hours!



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