CBD Isolate with no THC in the UK

can you get CBD isolate with no THC in the UK



It was funny when we saw the whole CBD angle on Eastenders (yes, don't judge us...we're huge BritBox fans).


We get many requests from our friends across the pond.


It's always interesting to us how far advanced England is in terms of CBD knowledge.


There's a much better understanding of how CBD works and what's important when choosing a product.


The issue for many people in England is finding the right fit which invariably brings up the question…


Can you ship to the UK?


Yes!  In fact, we do it almost daily now.


Let's look at why we're seeing these interests and exactly what type of product people in the UK are searching for.


We'll also touch on shipping time, costs, and legality.


Here are the topics we'll cover: 

  • What type of CBD are people in the UK searching for
  • Can we ship our CBD isolate to the UK
  • How long does it take to receive our CBD in the UK
  • Is it legal to ship CBD to the UK
  • What is the cost for shipment to the UK for the US?


Let's get started.


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First, why not just buy CBD in the UK? 

What type of CBD are people in the UK searching for 

This is the main reason people ship our CBD to England and many countries for that matter.


There's plenty of CBD available in England but unfortunately, it follows much of what is also available in the US.


Crap CBD.


  • Here are the minimum requirements that most CBD brands don't meet:
  • From organically grown hemp in the US at FDA registered farms
  • CO2 processed (much cleaner)
  • 3rd party testing (the biggest missing factor)
  • No THC!  (see CBD versus THC)
  • No pesticides
  • No mold
  • No solvents
  • No bacteria
  • No heavy metals


Many brands are quite suspect on the testing for these.  Our testing is available at the top of each page.


We covered in detail why no THC is so important to match what's actually in research.


The big issue is that it builds tolerance so the very pathways we're trying to improve will get worse over time.


The next big issue in England is finding CBD isolate.


So much of the market is full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD in England.


We covered this in our CBD isolate versus full spectrum but here's the issue.


Roughly 40-60% of people in England have histamine (allergy) issues.


This number goes up as we get older and for women (thanks for leaving, progesterone).


Many people have bad reactions to CBD because the plant material from the full-spectrum is triggering histamine issues.


See CBD and histamine to learn more.  It's not just about itching and nausea.  Anxiety and insomnia are big reactions to histamine in the brain where it doubles as a neurotransmitter.


Then, there's the cost for CBD in England.


The key there is the cost per mg of CBD.


We price ours at about 2-3 pence per mg of CBD before discounts up to 50%.


Since we found CBD isolate from a brutal perimenopause (that story is here), it's important that people can afford this aid.


The biggest issue we hear from our UK customers is regarding the lack of CBD isolate (which all the research is based on) and cost.


3rd party testing is also a big factor so just the quality of the product.


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The other issue is true for both the UK and the US.


There's very little CBD product on the market that matches levels shown in research.


We have 1 million+ words of research across pathways (see CBD and mental health or CBD and addiction as examples).


It's probably the most important thing we do to cut through the hype.


In most of that research, studies point to 300 mg of CBD for powerful effects like neurogenesis (see brain repair) at the heart of just about every mental health issue.


Many bottles on the UK market might have 250-500 mg total for the entire bottle!


That's not going to cut it.  Then you see how much they're charging and it's clear that it's a rip-off.


Our 6000 mg bottle (30 doses of 200 mg each dropper) was designed to address what's actually in research.


So the main reasons we ship so much CBD to the UK: 

  • CBD isolate (matches research and avoids histamine side effects)
  • No THC  (long term, THC builds tolerance)
  • 3rd party testing 
  • Cost per mg of CBD
  • Adequate levels of CBD in each bottle to match research


Let's look at some practical questions.

Can we ship our CBD isolate to the UK? 

Yes!  We ship to the UK every week with multiple customers.


Our CBD meets the FDA requirements for legal hemp (less than .3% THC) at FDA registered farm.


In fact, we have zero THC (see 3rd party testing) by design.


75% of people with histamine issues are allergic to THC.


If you try CBD and have a bad response, it's probably due to THC, plant material reactions, or contaminants.


We have had zero issue shipping to the UK since our product is just two ingredients: 

  • CBD isolate
  • MCT oil from organic coconut oil


What about time to arrive?

How long does it take to receive our CBD in the UK? 

Shipping to the UK is actually much faster than what we see in other countries such as Australia and the like.


It usually arrives in 5-7 business days.


There are different levels of shipping you can pick at checkout but the average is about 5-7 business days.

Is it legal to ship CBD to the UK? 

Yes, providing you meet certain guidelines which we do.


The main requirement is that it meets the US hemp law rules and the big piece there is under.3% THC.


We have zero THC.  Zero.  See our third-party testing at top of the page with all cannabinoids broken out.


We actually do this for other reasons - primarily to match research and avoid the downsides of THC but in doing so, we exceed the main legal hurdle for CBD in the UK.


One note...another cannabinoids works like a discount version of THC and we don't include that either.  See CBD versus CBN versus CBG.
So...what about the cost?

What is the cost for shipment to the UK for the US? 

The general cost runs from around 30 pounds to the UK.


Keep in mind that we have discounts up to 50% and our per mg cost is around 2-3 pence...typically many times lower than what's available in the UK market.


With the quality requirements mentioned above and pure CBD isolate to match what's in research.


We look forward to helping our friends in the UK and feel free to chat (right side) with us on why you're using CBD.


We can send over specific research and other tools that can help.


We'll do this despite the fact that Coronation Street killed off Seb (not cool).  See...we have a problem when it comes to British soaps.


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Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.


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