Save on CBD

 New research is pointing to 300 mg/day as the peak dosage for neurogenesis, the process of brain repair which is so critical to mental health and addiction. 


This quickly becomes expensive!

We already price our 6000 mg bottle at 2-3 cents per mg of CBD - the lowest price we can find for legitimate CBD with 3rd party testing and verified levels.  


Since we found CBD as a result of trauma and suffering (that story is here), we want to go further.


1.  Subscribe and Save

Join our subscription membership and save 30% off every order. 

Available on product pages as subscription option.  Cancel any time.


2.  Tell a Friend

When you refer a friend to Indigo Naturals CBD, they will receive 50% off their first order and you will receive 50% off your next order. 

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3.  Leave a Review

Leave a review on a product page or on Google here. You will receive a 50% off promo code within 48 hours or EACH review.   You can also share on social below.  



4.  Wholesale Discount - Direct to You!

We've added a 50% discount for quantities of 10+ across the website.  This means you can mix and match different products and with 10+ in an order, a 50% discount is applied to all!


Again, we really want to make high qualify CBD isolate with 3rd party testing affordable to Everyone!


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