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The best & fastest way to reach us is by email:

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Questions on how to get started with CBD

Many people are new to CBD.  We're here to help!

  • First, check out our CBD Quick Start Guide.
  • It's a great reference for all (or most) of the common questions people have.
  • Everything from how to store CBD to how to take it for the best effect.

Also, check out our article on how to save up 75% on CBD with simple changes in how you take it.

  • Of course, feel free to email us with any specific enquiries

CBD Order Enquiries

  • We can help track or confirm order information here.
  • For changes to orders, we try accommodate where we're able to depending on where the order is in the process.

Please enquire as soon as you are able for changes so we can address those quickly.

  • We generally respond the same business day!

Promo Code questions or issues

  • If you have any issues with promo codes on the website, please email us the details here.
  • We can generally refund an amount back to your means of payment if a promo code was supposed to be applied.

3rd Party Testing Results

  • 3rd party testing is very important to us!

We actually test twice:

  • Once at the manufacturing level
  • Once at the finish product level
  • Our whole family uses the IndigoNaturals CBD oil and balms so we're very serious about this!
  • You can see our product's 3rd Party Testing results here or at the individual product page.

One'll notice that the results actually show a higher level of CBD than what's printed on the label.  This is to make sure we supply the stated amount.

  • It also means that the cost per mg of CBD is actually better than what's listed which makes us probably the most affordable CBD you'll find on the market for legitimate product (see test results!).

Wholesale or Affiliate CBD Partnership

  • For our valued partners, check out  information on wholesale or affiliate opportunities for our CBD products here.

Our goal to bring high quality CBD at the most affordable pricing to the most people!

  • Ultimately, we want to reduce suffering.

Refunds or Exchanges

  • Due to the nature of the product, we cannot refund or exchange products unless they arrive damaged in some way.

We go through special care and cost to package our CBD products for safe travels.

  • Please email with any situations and we'll individually evaluate options.  More general info on refunds and exchanges here.

How to Pick the Right level of CBD

  • We're happy to help with this and other specific questions.

The general rule of thumb is this:

  • 1000 mg of CBD bottles - good introduction to test the product and for wellness
  • 2000 mg of CBD bottles - stress and system support for maintenance
  • 6000 mg of CBD bottles - to mirror research for more serious issues and neurogenesis
  • Check out our how much CBD to take article for more guidance there.
  • Of course, shoot us over any questions you have!

We really want to help people understand the world of CBD and get the most out of it the way we did!