Can CBD Give You Energy?

does cbd give you energy


One of the top 3 reasons people use CBD for is to fall asleep!


Despite this, one effect people report from CBD is better energy.


How does that make any sense?


We'll get into the chemistry of it but it goes to the heart of how CBD works with the endocannabinoid system we all have throughout our body.


It really depends on where you are in the sleep/wake cycle which is primarily a function of hormones.


We'll look at them too.


Finally, guess what actually manages energy balance in the body?




They are well under the management (or mismanagement if you just want to lie on the couch) of the endocannabinoid system.


More on that below.


Finally, there's the actual power plants in each of our cells call mitochondria.


Look, we're not going to quiz you on this stuff but you will want to learn about CBD and mitochondria.


It's part of the new direction in longevity and wellness research along with senalytics!


Of course, we're going to look at research on CBD and energy.


We're not just pulling this stuff from the ether!


Let's jump right into it.


We'll cover these topics:

  • CBD and the endocannabinoid system for energy
  • How CBD's effect on energy can differ
  • CBD and the hormones that manage energy
  • CBD and our energy power plants - mitochondria


Let's get to it before we have to hit the gym (no excuses today!).

CBD and the endocannabinoid system for energy

Before we jump into energy specifically, a quick lay of the land.


You have a system that spans almost every type of cell in your body.

It's call the endocannabinoid system.


"Endo" just means inside.


Inside you!!


It's tasked with balancing many other key systems:

  • Endocrine - hormones
  • Immune - inflammation and repair
  • Nervous system - mood, sleep, focus, sleep/wake


These are almost all powerful systems for how energetic you feel.


They really govern your perception of the world and your body.


So...that's important.


It's really important for energy.


What about CBD?


CBD is short for cannabidiol (thank you for shortening that) and it is a type of substance which can work within this endocannabinoid system.


It's found naturally in the cannabis plant.


You can learn all about what exactly CBD is here.


The three main points:

  • It's not habit forming or psychoactive (no high feeling)
  • Research is showing that it has many positive effects in the body
  • It has a strong safety profile


Just check out the growing list of benefits for CBD.

It's pretty amazing.


What's really interesting is how its effect depends on the state of the body at the time you take it!


Let's look at that piece.

How CBD's effect on energy can differ

CBD has been called bi or even triphasic.


That's just a fancy word for saying that its effects can be different depending on the situation.


Almost every medication you take is monophasic.

It does one thing and one thing only!


Sleep aids are sedatives. They sedate. That's it!


One trick pony.


Stimulants do the opposite. They stimulate!


It's a hammer in one direction.


Unfortunately, the body exhausts certain pathways and rebounds the other way.

The sugar crash. The post caffeine crash. Let's just assume that cocaine and methamphetamines have their own nasty "crashes".


That's the nature of a stimulant for energy.


You're burning through your natural hormones, neurotransmitters, and/or basic nutrients for that burst of energy.


It's artificial.

There's no free ride in the always pay!


Back to CBD.


If our endocannabinoid system is balanced, our energy levels generally reflect this.


If you take CBD for sleep and your body needs sleep, research is showing that it helps there.


Check out the CBD and sleep article.


If you take CBD during the day, you don't generally feel drowsy.


People report feeling more alert and focused.




If you're totally in balance and have lots of energy, you probably won't feel much in terms of that pathway.


That's the third way in "triphasic".


So...when we do need energy, how does CBD affect that?

CBD and the hormones that manage energy

The more you dig into hormones, the more you realize just how powerful they are!


Energy is no different.


There are usually two places where our energy systems are out of whack.


Hormones or mitochondria.


Let's look at the first one. We'll show you a trick on how to double mitochondria later.


Your entire energy system is a function of competing and coordinating hormones:

  • Cortisol - used to wake up and for alertness
  • Thyroid - regulates metabolic rate
  • Three versions of Estrogen - imbalance can result is a host of issues including brain fog
  • Progesterone - the master hormone
  • Testosterone - low levels can be root of fatigue
  • Leptin - generated by fat cells that govern energy use and creation
  • Insulin - management of sugar, our primary source of energy


These are only some of the heavy hitters!


It's like a beautiful symphony and if one instrument is playing Tik Tok by Kesha over in the corner, you're going to notice!


The key is balance.


There's a great article on CBD and weight or appetite here.


You can see the powerful effects that CBD has on the hormones that govern weight, energy balance, and more.


There's an awesome article here:

Let's start to tease this out with wakefulness and alertness.


Those might be handy during the day!


Let's start in the morning when we could use a shot of energy!


15 mg CBD appears to have alerting properties as it increased awake activity


If you're having trouble getting going in the morning, here's what research is further showing about CBD:

These findings suggest that this cannabinoid is a wake-inducing compound that presumably activates neurons in LH and DRN.


What's great about CBD is that if you take it at night, during sleep cycles, it has the opposite effect!!


Again, the endocannabinoid system that CBD bolsters is about balance!


  • Caffeine is one way. It will interfere with sleep.
  • Sleep aides are one way. They will interfere with your daytime energy.


This gets back to balance.


The endocannabinoid system is all over this energy question:

Role of the endocannabinoid system in energy balance regulation and obesity.


They go on to say…


CS is present in peripheral organs, such as liver, white adipose tissue, muscle, and pancreas, where it seems to be involved in the regulation of lipid and glucose homeostasis.


Adipose just means fat (where hormones are made that govern energy balance).


Homeostasis is the important word.


It means…(drumroll please)....Balance!


Finally...let's end up on the thyroid.


The thyroid really is key to good energy maintenance.


The problem is that our thyroid is a definite target for autoimmune disease where the body attacks itself.


Remember the third system that the endocannabinoid system manages?


The Immune System!


Check out CBD and autoimmune here.


One of the telltale symptoms of Hashimoto's disease (not enough thyroid production) is a lack of energy!


There are CBD receptors not only on the thyroid but on the part of the brain that signals to the thyroid for hormone production.


This requires an entirely separate article but it points to the interaction between CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and the hormones that govern energy.


Let's now go one level down. To the mitochondria!

CBD and our energy power plants - mitochondria

This might be one of the most exciting effects of CBD.


Mitochondria are small little power plants that power everything you do!




All our energy and energy reserve come from them.


You can learn all about CBD and mitochondria here but the key take away is this...


They stumbled on CBD's effects with mitochondria production while studying Parkinson's:

Both acute and chronic injection of CBD increased the activity of the mitochondrial complexes (I, II, II-III, and IV) and CK in the rat brain.

Keep in mind that mitochondria function may be the key to longevity itself.


Check out fisetin and siberian rhubarb for new studies on energy and anti-aging effects.


We just got a new kitten.


Its energy level is ridiculous (okay...we're envious).


Research is showing that a big part of this youthful energy is due to mitochondrial function.


It's not just OUR perceived energy though.


It's the energy to keep the cells in tip top shape which impacts cancer, waste removal, nutrient metabolism and more.

Cellular energy!


Let us know your experiences with CBD in terms of energy.


We especially want to know when you take it and how that affects your energy levels!


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